The five main tasks of the Data Protection Officer

By Arjen Simonis

05-May-2017 09:04:54

The GDPR recognises the Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a key player in the new data governance system and lays down conditions for his or her appointment, position and tasks. The aim of this post is to explain relevant provisions in the GDPR to help our clients to comply with the law, but also to assist DPOs in their role.

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Topics: Software, Privacy, GDPR

Four new rights of the individual under GDPR

By Arjen Simonis

11-Apr-2017 09:49:07

The changes introduced by the GDPR in 2018 are substantial and aim for a higher level of data protection. The Regulation is again a wide-ranging piece of legislation passed by the EU and introduces new concepts like the ‘right to be forgotten’ and data portability (to call out only a few) which will take some getting used to.

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Topics: Software, Privacy, GDPR

The solution to bridge the gap between business and IT

By Victor Beverloo

10-Aug-2015 11:23:00

Requirements_managementFor many consulting firms and software vendors bridging the gap between business and IT is sort of a holy grail. Contrary to what you might expect, bridging this gap has proven to be quite a challenge as it has been a topic for debate for many years now.

What is really going on? Business and IT both speak very different languages. The business often applies a more conceptual language related to processes and operational execution which needs to be translated by IT professionals to a more technical and IT technology related language. The key issue is twofold. Firstly, the specification provided by the business are more often than not unambiguous and incomplete. Secondly, IT professionals often apply their own understanding of the blanks instead of verifying the inconsistencies with the business. Add these two factors together and you are confronted with the famous "gap" between business and ICT. Things literally get ‘lost in translations’. 

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Topics: Requirements, business rules, requirements management

Do you wish you could have more control on the implementation of fundamental changes?

By Victor Beverloo

27-Jul-2015 11:13:00

Beat the change, before it beats you!

YMTY_SliderIn recent weeks I have visited a large number of companies struggling with the implementing of changes that must take place. Although each company has its own specific challenges, there is a shared pattern. Changes are often related to implementing legislation, updating ICT systems or introducing new production processes and changes in existing processes. All fundamental changes with a significant impact.

The pattern of these fundamental changes is that there is often a lack of insight where and how these changes impact the company. Requirements often remain vague and whether or not the company is complete in its impact assessment is unsure. Moreover, the method fot capturing the requirements is often not consistent. There is too much rework on already existing material.

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Topics: Requirements, impact assessments, SCOR, ISA-95, supply chain, manufacturing, industry standards

Don't choose between business rules or processes. The value is in both!

By Victor Beverloo

13-Jul-2015 14:06:00

In many companies employees are busy capturing their operations in "business processes". In defining these you face a few challenges:

  • What standard do you use, for example BPMN 2.0?
  • What drawing tool do you use, Visio or a more sophisticated tool?
  • Which level of abstract do you choose, descriptive level 1, Level 2 analytical or Level 3 executable?
  • Will you also record the business rules in the processes and if so, how?
  • How do you harmonize the processes across the locations/units/countries/etc.?
  • How do you deal with exceptions?

Puzzle_piecesTo start with the last point. How to handle exceptions? Often the first draft of a business process is drawn in a workshop. During the workshop a discussion with "yes-but" will occur. In other words, the right process is drawn, unfortunately there are some exceptions. After some discussion comes the liberating quote: "Let's not model exceptions, but the main process. We aim for a 95% coverage”. For the drawing process this approach is fine, unfortunately for implementation it’s not. The automated systems to support the processes must 'understand' when it’s permissible to deviate from the 95%. Software does not understand this automatically, so there should be clear rules for that. As a result, all transactions will be enforced through the drawn process or there is a loophole created for exceptions. When and how the loophole is used is often ambiguous.

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Topics: business rules, business processes

How to get a clear picture of wishes and needs? Simple! Keep asking!

By Chantal Koekman

25-Jun-2014 10:43:00

Identifying somebody's true wishes and needs is hard, often rendering a low quality of requirements. How do you uncover the actual requirements? How do you ensure clear and unequivocal requirements? How do you ascertain sufficient requirement quality?

Simple! Keep asking!

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Turning your international project into a success by working together in the cloud

By Mark van Brummen

16-Jun-2014 11:54:00

Samenwerken_in_de_cloudYou are going to kick off an international project and you're rearing to go. The temporary change in living and working environment, the opportunity to meet people and to put your company and yourself on the map internationally, cause a genuine desire to start. But how do you turn your project into a success?

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Differences in interpretations: ever thought about a glossary?

By Maarten Witvliet

02-Jun-2014 15:29:40

Interpretatieverschillen-begrippenwoordenboekI started preparations to have a house built just less than two years ago. As a novice in this field an interesting but sometimes also rather difficult process. Of course, as the commissioner I'd like to know exactly what happens when and how. It's quite fascinating to see how often I find out that I did not understand something I thought I did. Funny enough, most of the time this is due to the terminology used. Soon enough assumptions turn out to be false.

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6 tips for a successful project

By Chantal Koekman

28-May-2014 16:59:00

Tips-succesvol-projectThere are many things that can make or break a project. More often than not does one hear about projects being behind schedule and budgets overrun. Quite often the cause can be found in bad preparation.

Have you really thought through the return you need from a project prior to its kick-off? In short, have you defined your wishes and requirements well?

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Disposable software, caused by impulsiveness

By Roel Spans

12-May-2014 15:28:00

Weggegooid-geldA lot of money is being wasted in our society. An average household throws away foodstuffs worth 400 Euro every year. Carelessly bought in the supermarket. Ebay and similar sites are full of items people purchased, convinced they would use them.

Don't we all have a couple of things in the attic we thought we'd use when we bought it, only to find out upon opening the package that we couldn't use it? How about your gym membership. Who still goes after the initial 3 months? What excuse do you have to not go?

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