About us

IPad USoft


We are a Dutch company from Naarden, the Netherlands. We have been experts in the design and development of software products since 1986. We are experienced, dynamic and maintain a clear outlook through innovative concepts. We employ a socially responsible approach according to which our clients, employees and the environment come first.

We have built up a great reputation thanks to our applications aimed at data-intensive computing. Since late 2009, our focus has shifted to BPM (Business Process Management) products, which has resulted in the development of URequire Studio, amongst others. This is an application that can assist organisations when it comes to the comprehensive and consistent charting of changes to organisations, products and services.


We were established in 1986 as Comtecno, where a software platform for the creation of rule-based applications was developed. Over the years, we have mainly been involved with health insurance companies, pension schemes and the construction industry. When the company was acquired from Ness Technologies in 2010 and the reins taken up by two Dutch investors, a new growth plan was devised and our focus shifted to BPM solutions. In the past, we mainly concentrated on the development of reliable products that would provide optimum everyday operational support to our clients.

Many years down the line, we still occupy a strong position in the industry and are modern and innovative. We are using expertise gathered over the years for the development of new products. This means that USoft is constantly in a new phase of development. We apply our modern software and our ability to devise and achieve innovations and modifications to be of service to our clients.


Corporate culture

USoft is a horizontal, process-oriented organisation. We give our employees responsibility and the room necessary to develop their talents. As a result, we are able to constantly astonish our customers with our innovative products and services.

No-nonsense culture
We are an organisation with short lines of communication and a no-nonsense culture. Here, you will be given room to develop both professionally and personally. We employ various development tools, such as training, coaching and personal goal- and development plans.

Favourable employment terms
As an employee, you can count on a challenging environment in addition to an attractive salary and favourable employment terms. USoft offers a pension scheme and subsidised basic health insurance.

Scope of interest
We closely cooperate with our clients. Our products and services are developed on the basis of the wishes and needs of our clients, as well according to developments within the various sectors. USoft has a wide-ranging scope of interest, including product development, organisational advice, secondment, training, sales and staff.


To us, being a dynamic software company means that we must constantly ensure the further development of our technical and sales employees. In this way we can constantly serve you as our client in the best way possible by staying on top of the latest developments.

The development of an application is a complicated process. We are passionate about helping you achieve a simple yet high-quality result so that you receive the solution that you asked for.

Although we take our tasks very seriously, we also consider it important to enjoy designing and producing our products along with our clients.

Why USoft

With experience of more than 25 years, we are a company with substantial expertise and skill in the field of software development. Why should you do business with us?

  • A solid product
  • Real professional expertise
  • Experienced employees
  • We join in the thought process
  • We are reliable

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