USoft offers a wide range of software applications:

  • URequire Studio
    With URequire Studio you are able to capture your business processes, company requirements and rules in a simple and consistant way. Afterwards you can structure, integrate and manage them. The result? A clear set of unambiguous requirements allowing you to deliver projects on time and one budget.
  • USoft 9
    USoft 9 offers you the opportunity to convert models and rules from the business to a working application. This results in an enormous speed in the development in changes or new developments. In a time of costsreduction, timesavings and effciency, USoft 9 helps you with all these changes. 
  • URule
    URule is an advanced, trustworthy and easy in use Rules Engine. This Rules Engine automatically enforces all the company rules which determine your company's policy. URule functions as an interface between business data and application or user interfaces and prevents users from infringing the business rules in the system and is also helps users to do execute their tasks. Data integrity and consistency are guaranteed.
  • Aviation
    Passenger processing, security and operations. Three major investment priorities in aviation, coming together in the Smart Airport. The pace of technology innovation is pushing aviation into an era in which stakeholders, including passengers, are becoming more and more integrated and in which increased insight in event driven data provides the basis for operational execution. By bringing our software and aviation experience together in aviation specific solutions, USoft provides for an ideal platform to realise this ambition. 
    Pricacy is hot. Businesses are embracing digital. Increasingly, organisations are reaping the benefits from digital channels, processes, big-data and new business models. At the same time, consumers and businesses become more aware of their privacy and for what purpose their personal data may be used. Social media are eager to report on privacy issues. Reputation is at stake. Together with Capgemini Consulting, USoft has developed SMART PIA. The solution that will help your organisation make the most of its digital activities. 
  • Manufacturing
    Providing detailed insight in the complexity of manufacturing and supply chain processes. Really coming into its own when you need to quickly and thoroughly assess the impact of changes throughout your entire operations. Our YMTY solution for manufacturing and supply chain gives exactly that level of insight you need to assess and implement required changes in less time and with significantly better results.
  • Beach
    Every year a lot of money is spend on the maintance of property. Housing corporation spend at leas 1/3 of their budget on planned maintance. With our trustworthy and proved solution, Beach has control over your total possession and reduces your costs.