Our aviation experience

  • KLM

    By using USoft, KLM has been very successful in translating business needs in clearly defined rules and requirements.

    In substantially less time and of significant higher quality.

  • Schiphol Airport
    Schiphol Airport

    Schiphol is using USoft and will develop an application to generate personalised recommendations and actions to facilitate the Passenger Journey and the Smart Airport.

    Improving the passenger experience and processing efficiency.

  • SkyTeam

    Skyteam is successfully managing the implementation of new concepts across global airlines by using USoft.

    With a significant reduction of implementation time and costs.

  • Eurocontrol

    Eurocontrol applies USoft in the area of geographical data administration for Air Traffic Control.

    Ensuring high quality data storage of essential flight route information.

The personalised passenger experience and Smart Airports

Trends and challenges in aviation

Passenger processing, security and operations. Three major investment priorities for airports around the world. Inherently affecting each other and coming together in the Smart Airport.

The pace of technology innovation is pushing aviation into a new era. An era in which stakeholders, including passengers, are becoming more and more integrated and in which increased insight in event driven data provides the basis for operational execution.

The challenge? Bringing all stakeholders together in the Smart Airport through systems integration and utilising new technologies to improve passenger experience, operational efficiency and security effectiveness.

USoft provides for an ideal platform to realise this ambition. Bringing our software and aviation experience together in aviation specific solutions.


Towards a personalised passenger journey

The future is personal

My journey, My service! The era of continuous passenger engagement is now. Offering the potential to significantly improve customer loyalty and value, and at the same time improving passenger processing and operations.

The key to succes lies in aligning passengers, airports and airlines by combining data streams and utilising existing technologies to offer each passenger a personalised experience.

Highly event specific data and subsequent decision-making come together in order to offer only the relevant personalised services. Integration with other service providers enables an even better experience.

USoft provides the platform to build and maintain this capability. Offer your passengers the future of the personalised journey.


Smart Security as a part of the Digital Airport

Risk based differentiation and optimised passenger processesing

Optimise execution, response times and traceability. Airport security is becoming more complex by the day and plays a key role in passenger processing. Technologies as biometrics, video surveillance and screening methods are replacing tradition security practices.

Smart Security is not just about security and innovative technologies. Smart Security is about utilising technologies to increase predictability, enable risk based differentiation and optimise passenger processing. All improving the effectiveness of airport security operations.

Advanced analytics and rules based execution of security protocols make Smart Security much more data driven and a key player in the development of Digital Grids.

USoft provides the platform to build and maintain this capability. Bring your security to the next level and towards the Smart Airport.