An integrated approach to property maintenance



Millions is spent on real estate maintenance every year. Housing corporations, for example, spend at least one-third of their total budgets on scheduled maintenance. Beach, our reliable and proven solution, will give you control of your property and help you cut back on costs.

Best Practice

Beachencompasses an integrated approach to property maintenance and is based on a detailed inventory of the property being managed. The basic principle here involves an inventory with a level of detail relevant to the desired management of the property. This inventory subsequently forms the basis for future maintenance inspections and resulting long-term maintenance budgeting and –projects.

Numbers never lie

As an owner, it is important that you are aware of what parts of the property are periodically maintained. This creates a level playing field when negotiating with suppliers who perform maintenance on your behalf. During quotation processes, attention does not have to be focused on quantities, but can shift to quality aspects. This will put you in the driving seat during negotiations with your suppliers.

Savings on scheduled maintenance

According to purchase models, most costs are saved during the specification phase of a purchase process. By conducting structured inspections, knowledgeable decisions on scheduled maintenance can be made. In real terms, this often results in an extension of the standard maintenance cycle because a property is generally better-off than a standard cycle would suggest. When it comes to repainting this could - for example, and depending on degradation noted - mean that certain side of a complex (perhaps a sheltered side) receives less intensive care or only needs maintenance a few years later. This prevents unnecessary maintenance from being done and lowers the maintenance budget. Practical experience has shown that this can yield annual savings of up to 25%.

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