URequire Studio: 'right first time' requirements

URequire Studio

Corporate requirements and rules are often complex by nature. Establishing, understanding and analysing these requirements take considerable amounts of time. To complicate matters, the business and IT disciplines 'speak' different languages. This increases the risk of misunderstandings and errors, resulting in exceeded budgets and overrun projects. URequire Studio dramatically reduces these risks.

URequire Studio offers the ideal solution

URequire Studio is an ideal solution for the capture, implementation and one of top-quality project requirements. URequire Studio allows quicker capture of requirements and provides immediate feedback on their quality. The result is a clear and concise set of requirements without any loss of data.

How does URequire Studio work?

URequire Studio can understand and analyse your requirements because it employs a natural language processor to analyse grammar and sentence structure. This processor provides feedback on the consistency of your requirements and points out potential misunderstandings.

URequire Studio combines URequire’s natural language processing with USoft's BPN process modelling tool, called UDesign. By integrating these two solutions, it becomes possible to verify the schematic validity of process models, while analysing text used in process models at the same time.

URequire Studio in brief

  • Top-quality specifications
  • Comprehensiveness and consistency
  • Reutilisation of data in new processes
  • Minimal misinterpretation risk
  • Immediate access to business information
  • Makes correlation between data visible and easy to maintain
  • Stays abreast of modifications
  • All necessary expertise in a single source system