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About USoft 9

USoft 9 has now been released as the flagship platform for manufacturing business software quickly and comfortably, yet with a high level of maintainability. This is achieved by mobilizing a rules engine developed over a period of 25 years and designed to govern your business data quality and deliver it to service buses, client interfaces and batch processes. Such a rules engine gives you:

  • A high level of data quality
  • Model-driven development for swift prototyping and a structured approach
  • Well-architectured software components with a strong separation of concern between interaction, processes, rules, models and data, that will fit snugly in your surrounding IT landscape

With USoft 9, you can convert business models and rules into a functioning application quickly. Special attention is given to specification formats that business people find easy to understand: natural language, simple diagrams and working prototypes.

This approach makes it easier to change existing software and to add new functionality. Possible design flaws are identified and repaired at an early stage, when cost is still low. The platform is highly compatible with short-cycled, agile development modes. It complements project development methods like Scrum by providing much-needed traceability and maintainability of the deliverables.

What´s new in USoft 9 …

  • Expressive, near natural-language rule language and standards-based specification formats (SBVR, BPMN, DEMO Enterprise Engineering).
  • Web application prototypes and finished applications that are compatible with, and extend, jQuery and embed Bootstrap, as well as Model View Control frameworks like EmberJS. USoft 9 has a consistent, extensible set of interfaces for data, user action control and user interface elements.
  • New look: both the design-time USoft tools and runtime client/server deliverables have a fresh look-and-feel featuring tabbed windows, more sensitive coding areas for developers and a choice of non-default skins.
  • Integrated test automation and benchmarking for runtime web interfaces.
  • Modular release of individual parts of large rule-based repositories.
  • Roadmap for the rules engine becoming ubiquitous and completely service-oriented through REST interfacing. (This feature is currently available as Beta functionality on demand).
USoft9 REST interfaceUSoft9 - UI Design

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