The 1.5-meter economy: how do you maintain the flexibility of your organization?

The COVID-19 virus will keep organizations busy for a while. Step by step, the economy is opening up more and more. But as soon as the virus flares up again, freedoms will immediately be revoked. How do you ensure that you can quickly adapt your organization to these changing circumstances without affecting the quality of your business operations? How do you ensure that you can immediately seize any opportunities? After all, the back-end systems that handle the lion’s share of business processes are quite rigid and cumbersome.


Increase your flexibility with Intelligent Automation

The answer is by providing the back-end with an add-on or intelligent shell that automates your processes based on business rules. After all, the processes in your organization do not change at the core, but the preconditions they must meet and the conditions in which they are carried out do. In other words, the business rules change. If you automate those business rules, you need only adjust the relevant rules — not convert your entire back-end system.


How do you automate a new process in an existing system?

Take the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment from the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This scheme had to be set up in no time. The Chance is it will be adjusted later on. If you include the conditions for eligibility for this scheme in your business rules, you can use an existing system of benefits for a completely new scheme. In business rules, you determine which criteria the company must meet to be eligible. Subsequently, the settlement itself takes place in a system that has been in use for years.

Or take public transport, which is continually dealing with changes in regulations from the ministry. Timetables had to be scaled down first, then scaled up on June 1, and who knows, maybe they’ll be scaled down again if a new virus outbreak occurs. Capacity calculations are influenced by the variation in factors to be taken into account. After all, the capacity can be scaled up immediately if the Netherlands starts to implement 1-meter instead of a 1.5-meter social distancing. Wouldn’t it be great if you just had to change the business rules?

And so every organization has its specific challenges.

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Build a Business Rules Engine (BRE) quickly with low code

You may think “awesome, but I don’t have the time to develop new software that automates my business rules.” The great thing is, by combining business rules with the power of low-code, you need very little time. In days to weeks, you can build an add-on that gives your existing, bulky back-end system the flexibility you need. And as has been proven time and again, it is in times of crisis that companies are able to differentiate themselves in the market, delivering success in the years that follow.

In our e-book ‘Make room for innovation with low-code and the power of business rules’, we explain how it works.

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