5 Effective ways to implement GDPR

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5 Effective ways to implement GDPR

“Wait and see” is not an option. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018. How to reach compliance for your company in an effective way? Be sure, be smart, be GDPR compliant. Read more about the five most effective ways to implement GDPR. 


1. Create awareness 

GDPR is all about awareness within your organisation: What is data protection and why is it necessary? Start at the top, make sure that privacy risks are understood at the executive level and from front office to back office. A top-down approach makes it easier to incorporate the understanding of data privacy within the entire organisation. 

2. Appoint a key player 

Be sure to have someone that can lead you down the path of organization-wide privacy awareness. Let’s say a Data Protection Officer. Expertise in many different areas (for example IT and legislation) is key. After all, privacy knowledge is far-reaching.

3. Choose the right tools 

The right tools bring structure in data protection. Proper handling of GDPR requires more than maintenance of information in Excel. Having one database (such as SMART PIA) is crucial; it enables you to oversee your workflow.

4. Demonstrate accountability

Be sure to always demonstrate your accountability. Therefore, it’s important to capture who is accountable for what and where the decision-making authority lies.

5. Focus on the quick-wins

Focus on the quick-wins. Starting small means you will be getting more and more insight in 100% data protection along the way. GDPR can’t be achieved with a big bang. 

With GDPR coming into effect, striving for a privacy-aware culture within your organisation is very much the order of the day. Securing data not only creates composure within your organisation. You will also gain structure in data information, allowing you to optimise your operations.

Watch this video and discover how! 

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