The better you mitigate misconnections, the happier your passengers

Are you attending the Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm later this month? We are. Improving passenger experience is one of the main topics. In that perspective, transfer management plays a key role. One thing is for certain: Your capability to mitigate misconnections at the right time definitely results in better passenger experience.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded for days at London’s airport last December. As an airline, cancelling a flight just before Christmas (and not being able to solve the problem for days), is one of your worst nightmares. And although airlines and airports are more than familiar with flight delays. And although you know which passengers are expected and where they come from, it almost seems like an impossible task to continuously mitigate these disruptions.


Handing out fast-track passes

This is exactly where you should be thinking about your passengers. Because what if you could issue a fast-track pass for a group of critical transfer passengers stuck in a security queue? What if you could make sure they made their connection and no further cost of delay for waiting/unloading baggage had to be incurred? Can you imagine how this would make them feel? The simple fact that the aviation industry (airlines and airports) is taking their problems seriously, and is willing to help them out.


Decision-making software

As a passenger, you may expect that help is on the way when something unexpected is happening. Especially because there are many disruptions on a daily base. The good news is that you can manage passenger experience by using the right decision-making software. Real-time disruption monitoring and dynamic decision-making across your flight, passenger and baggage processes, truly makes a big difference. It has a positive impact on how you make your passengers feel. And it reduces incurred disruption costs for all stakeholders in the process.


Let’s share experiences

The Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm is a nice event to talk about how you can improve passenger experience. We certainly are interested in what kind of deviation and disruptions you come across on a regular basis.

If you are interested to know more about this topic we recommend you to watch the video ‘Better airport control with digital innovations’. This new system, called “Wilbur”, developed by Airport Control Schiphol (Kim Bosman Value Stream Owner) is for airport operations that foresees what is coming and enables Airport Control Coördinators to take proactive measures, optimizing flow and minimizing waiting times.

USoft is a significant contributor to the success of the Wilbur project.

Written by: USoft

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