Targeting children under 16 with your apps or services

In 2017 alone 157 billion apps were downloaded, illustrating that technology knows no boundaries. But of course, in relation to making apps and services for children, there must be limits. Targeting younger people comes with great responsibility. The GDPR defines these obligations. We are curious: How are you going to deal with these new responsibilities?

According to the GDPR, children merit specific protection with regard to their personal data. That’s a good thing, as they might be less aware of the risks, consequences and their rights in relation to the processing of personal data. But what does this mean for you as a company? What do you have to take into consideration if you are targeting children under the age of 16 with your apps or services?


Safe dealing with children’s data

First of all, you must obtain parental or guardian consent. In addition, you have to make reasonable efforts to verify that, where consent is given by a parent or a guardian, that that person actually has parental responsibility for the child. All information given to a child must be in clear and plain language that the child can easily understand. Furthermore, the permission granted should be easy to withdraw for children.


Getting ready for GDPR changes

Overall, in order to get ready for these GDPR changes, we have work to do. Let’s be cautious in doing so. It might be challenging to communicate in clear and plain language, but it might be insightful as well. And let’s be smart in communicating with our younger target groups, meaning we can start new partnerships and adopt innovations regarding the processing of children’s data.

Do you target children with your apps and services? Do you process any personal data relating to children? Do you want to know more about how to exercise children’s rights under the GDPR?

Written by: USoft

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