How to benefit from IATA Resolution 753

Lost and found…and conveniently retrieved

Many years from now, 2018 will probably be remembered for two significant regulations that came into force. GDPR and IATA Resolution 753 in the aviation industry were designed to protect personal data and personal belongings respectively. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary. However, there is something missing in both regulations and that something is: interaction!


Creating a competitive edge

Rather than merely complying with regulations, organisations can actually benefit from certain data that are gathered mandatorily to create a competitive edge. This requires an out-of-the-box approach, or out of the ‘suitcase’ if you will. Basically, baggage tracking by airlines and ground handlers at four key points is enhanced by using (3D) scanning devices. Once a piece of baggage is reported missing, the tedious and expensive process of reuniting it with its owner begins. Instead of automatically assuming all passengers would like to collect the baggage at their next stop of final destination, why not ask them what they prefer right away?


‘On the fly’

After all, in the case of someone flying from, say, Amsterdam to London for just one day, leaving a lost suitcase at Amsterdam to be picked up upon return is a lot more efficient. A passenger on a long-distance flight might prefer the baggage to be redirected to an assigned hotel, home or office address. Contacting the passengers involved ‘on the fly’ not only allows them to take any necessary actions but will reduce forwarding expenses substantially. Not to mention the boost it will give to customer satisfaction! Just another fine example of how to leverage the advantages of real-time decision-making that is up for grabs.

It would be yet another step towards the future of baggage handling where remote baggage drop-off and even baggage collection at home or at the office will most likely be completely common.

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