How to track, spot and solve disruptions before they have impact

In the ideal world, disruptions do not occur. Unfortunately, we do not live in utopia. We face disruptions on a daily base. That’s why we should deal with them right (away). This maybe even gives you the chance to earn on the disruptions.

We know by experience disruptions happen. Dealing with them is a challenge. Therefore, first things first: Check what the impact of the spotted failure will be for the organization or the passenger. Secondly, we need to have some mitigating solutions in place. Thirdly, if the disruption is inescapable, you want to be prepared and take the best mitigating actions for the operation and passengers.


Decisions do be made

The sooner you detect a possible disruption, the more time you’ll have to consider the pros and cons of different mitigating and recovery actions. The suggested measurements can also be judged based on predefined rules. What are the cost of letting a plane wait versus putting passengers in a hotel? And what if the passenger has the highest status of loyalty and was last month stranded due to technical failure.


The benefit of decision-making software

Detecting disruptions in the best way possible goes beyond human capabilities. That’s exactly where decision-making software comes in handy. Now you are able to continuously monitor disruption risks and act on them, before they have negative rippling impact on the operation, or passenger experience. The software even enables you to communicate with the actual end-user. And by communication, we are not talking simple text messages. You will be sending out suggestions and letting the audience decide what they want. Direct result: The passenger experience increases, and so does the possibility of making cross- and upselling happen.

USoft always valuable in the actnow economy


Right decisions for customer satisfaction

Would you be happy if your flight is canceled? Probably not, but what if you receive a message with the possibility to book a priority-lane to get passed the security check faster for a small extra fee so you will be able to make it on time? Or when missing your flight is inescapable, and you get the choice to upgrade your hotel?

Interested in how to mitigate disruptions via the act-now approach? Learn more about our decision-making software.

Act-Now and fly high take actionscreen

Act-Now and fly high

Leave standard protocols behind and be ready to transform your airport operations! Be faster and bolder – act now!

Watch the video and discover how.

Written by: Hans Canisius

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