Win or lose in the digital world

In our previous blog, we introduced the act-now economy and explained how this affects organisations. This time, we want to focus on the digital transformation itself. Why would you want to take part in this movement? What’s the added value?

No doubt, major steps have been taken in digital transformation. For many of us, the digital world is overwhelming and keeps pushing new demands our way. For example, the more information we receive, the less consistent our decisions are. This information overload introduces new risks for your organisation. Risks that certainly not help in the process of serving your customers as best as possible.


Offer real-time solutions

To be successful in digital transformation, you need to have a clear end-state in mind. Do you want to be faster and bolder? Do you want to build an act-now capability, so you can offer your customers pleasant experiences and real-time solutions around the clock? Or do you want your operations to be more efficient? Not having a clear end-state in mind and focus on getting there, could quickly result in losing competitiveness.


Responsiveness is within reach

Being successful in transformation means finding solutions to deal with the challenges created by the ever-increasing digital world. The good news: Becoming a responsive organisation is within reach. We have the right technology and experience to help you move forward. Being responsive means that you will be making two major changes, on IT and organisational level. Firstly, you will be changing your scope regarding how you look at information and secondly, you will be changing how you respond to changing situations.

In our experience, standard protocols and procedures are holding us back in adapting to an ever-changing world. That’s why we advocate an event-driven approach. Overlooking all events in your processes and using IT-tools to flexibly handle all occurring events and translate these instantly to business impact and decisions. Being this focused and flexible means that we are able to offer your customers solutions for problems that might not even be a problem yet.

Would you like to stop the ripple effect of operational disruptions early on? Read more on how we impact your organisation with real-time event processing.

Written by: Hans Canisius

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