Data Privacy Conference 2018

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The need for a privacy strategy

Privacy is an issue companies can no longer ignore. This year the focus was on GDPR. But privacy is more than just GDPR, how do you ensure the sustainable assurance of the privacy policy? A privacy strategy is necessary to win and keep the trust of customers, citizens and stakeholders. Companies must develop a vision on privacy and the position within the organization.

How do you ensure awareness within the organization? How do you map your privacy challenges? What privacy enhancing measures should you take during the development of products and services? How do you create grip, insight and control in the chain? Furthermore, topics such as legislation and regulations, data transfer, data protection and data quality are discussed. We also looking ahead to the new ePrivacy regulation that is likely to enter into force in 2019.


18th, September 2018
Hart van Holland in Nijkerk The Netherlands



The conference focuses on managers, senior specialists who want to keep abreast of current trends and developments in the area of privacy.



More information about the Data Privacy conference 2018 and to register online go to the Heliview web. Note: registration is closed.



Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Impact assessments;
  • New ePrivacy Regulation;
  • Awareness and culture;
  • Privacy by design;
  • Relationship between data quality and data privacy.


Book your SMART PIA demo today

To be able to carry out quality improvements efficiently, effectively and ‘future proofed’ in data privacy processing as well as the associated management activities, automated tooling is of critical importance. To help organisations support this challenge, USoft has developed the SMART PIA tool. Throughout the conference day, we will also demo our SMART PIA software.

At the conference USoft is present with a stand and a keynote presentation by Ted O. Mos CISA RE RI, Privacy and Security specialist at the Ministry of Justice and Security.

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