Work with the USoft platform your way

Our vision on co-operation is simple: you decide how you want to work with the USoft platform, and we help where needed. We can take everything out of your hands, or we can provide you with the right knowledge to get started. And, of course, we are available for support at any time. The starting point is always that you decide on the route and destination for the discovery of innovations and new business opportunities.

Choose the approach that suits you

Work on your own

If you want to get started with development on the USoft platform yourself, we will help you extensively with the basic information you need. Together, we find out which training courses are needed, and we are always standing by if you need extra knowledge and skills.

We’ll do it together

If you decide it’s best to develop applications on the USoft platform, we will provide the ultimate courses required for your employees. We adapt to the needs of your organization. If the dynamics change, we change our way of co-operating.

Completely outsourced

USoft can also take responsibility for the complete development and maintenance of your business applications, undoubtedly in close co-operation.



This is our approach to creating new business opportunities

Step 1  The exploration

We try to understand the different challenges you face and their necessity. Together, we investigate opportunities for improvement, determine the first goal, and then decide on a starting point.

Step 2 The feasibility

We delve further into the details and examine the feasibility. Can we offer what you are asking for? If so, how are we going to do this, and what do we need? Before we go any further, we will always check the business case in close co-operation with you.

Step 3 The prototype

In the design of the basic idea, we provide a prototype view of the final solution. At this point, we determine which adjustments need to be included in the final business case.

Step 4 The execution

We realize the software solution and check the commitment within your organization. We test the results against the business goal and evaluate for follow-up opportunities that will deliver even more value.

USoft in action

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