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Technical consultant

Technical consultant - USoft

Looking to build awesome applications for our high-end customers, with full freedom to develop your talents and pursue the work you truly enjoy? Then USoft is the place for you!

What will you be doing?

As a technical consultant in our DevOps team, you work closely with your team to build applications for our customers – such as Schiphol Airport, Intergamma, ResortSuite and numerous Dutch government organizations – with our USoft low-code platform developed in-house. You are involved in the whole process from start to finish: specifying what the application needs to do, designing the core of the application and corresponding the data model, building the application, and arriving at final delivery. You work to achieve the best option for the customer’s needs, can present solid reasons to support the choice, and have the communication skills to convince the customer. In this context, you are free to suggest innovative technical solutions and put them into practice.

Your activities

  • Joining a development team combining USoft and customer experts
  • Adopting various roles depending on the project
  • Advising customers and substantiating your chosen solutions
  • Developing new applications and discovering opportunities
Roles Technical Consultant

3 reasons why this job is a great fit for you

  1. You are agile

No, we don’t expect you to do backflips, but an agile mindset is absolutely vital.

  1. You are results-oriented

You get energy when you deliver working software to your customer, first-time-right.

  1. You are a team player

That’s right, there is no I in team.

What do we expect of you?

You play a key role in a diverse team composed of USoft colleagues and expert employees in the customer’s organization. Depending on the project, you may take on various roles within the team, from developer or information analyst to Scrum Master.

Beyond that, you:

  • Understand data modeling and are familiar with relational data models
  • Are good at software development, demonstrated by 2-3 years’ experience
  • Can navigate low-code as an added bonus
  • Have experience with SQL and are preferably also familiar with C# or Java
  • Have strong communication skills: you can express yourself well and have an open and confident attitude
  • Are not afraid to express your own opinions and are capable of competently explaining your choices
  • Have strong analytical skills: you enjoy deep dives into the customer’s business and can differentiate between primary and secondary priorities
  • Work and think at a high level of professional competence (HBO+)

Would you prefer to contribute to the ongoing iterative improvement of the USoft platform? Check out this job opening for R&D software developer.

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This packed schedule makes you happy

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Perks and benefits

What’s in it for you? USoft offers a supportive and interesting workplace, and our employees agree! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect as a member of our team.
Why Jan works at USoft

“I step into a completely different world with some regularity. Every job is different: with some you work for two months on a pilot project, with others you slide in for four years. This keeps my work challenging and fun. The trust USoft places in me and the nice mutual atmosphere make me feel at home here.”

Our values

The strength of the USoft brand depends on our employees. How we act in our interactions with our customers and colleagues defines us and is set expressed in our brand values.

Working at USoft means you can experiment with new ideas and technologies, growing along with our products and developing your talents. Come join our team!

Your journey as a candidate

From candidate to colleague: here’s your roadmap for joining the USoft family.



Just do it!

Does this job opening sound perfect for you? Apply to become a USofter now! Just tell us who you are and what your relevant experience is.


Phone screening

This call’s for you!

We’ll contact you to discuss the position, briefly talk about why you feel you’d be a good fit, and possibly schedule a first interview.


First interview

Meet Usoft.

In the first interview, you’ll meet the hiring manager or a team member. We’ll do a deep dive to explore your work experience. You’ll also get a good impression of what the job involves, and we’ll tell you more about USoft so you can be sure we’re a good fit for you.

Second Interview


Second interview

Getting serious now!

The second interview is with the hiring manager, a team member, and/or another USofter. We’ll dig deeper and explore compatibility. A case study or short assessment may also be included. At the end of this interview, we’ll discuss the outcome and tell you if we’ll be offering you the job.


Job offer

We like each other.

We email the job offer to you, and then call to walk you through it together. When you are ready to accept, our HR department will share the contract with you. And then your journey at USoft is off to a great start!

Still have some questions or just want to chat first?

Contact Raymond Steur. He’ll answer any questions you might have about the job opening or the application process.

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