Kentico GDPR Quick Scan

Are you ready?

On May 25th, 2018, the new European regulations for privacy and data protection will take effect. All organizations that are doing business in Europe and are collecting data of EU citizens need to apply to the so-called General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with the risk of high penalties when not being compliant.

To ensure that your organization is ready for the GDPR, Kentico and USoft are offering a GDPR Quick Scan which provides you with an overview of the current state of your processes and Kentico solution. The GDPR Quick Scan results in a report summarizing the risks and actions you can take to comply.

Don’t hesitate and get prepared!

The quick scan will be conduct with the SMART PIA tool

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Organizations receive a report with an analysis of their risks and improvement suggestions

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SMART PIA and the questionnaire

The scan will be conducted by using the SMART PIA application (Privacy Impact Assessment), developed by USoft, a Dutch company specialized in privacy software.

A company login will be provided for the application which includes an advanced questionnaire to help your organization to do their self-assessment. After providing all answers, a report will be generated which includes an overview of the current compliancy of your organization and actions/recommendations to move forward.

The cooperation with Kentico also provides a specific analysis of the current Kentico implementation and gives advice on the actions that can be taken with the Kentico solution.