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Reduce the complexity or leave the current core system in place?

It is the lack of flexibility that arises in both cases that is eliminated with task-oriented apps. However, the problem is, the more apps of this type are added at the front, the more difficult it is to integrate them at the back-end with the systems of record.

There is a way to add intelligence and integration power to back-end applications relatively quickly and cost-effectively, or to rebuild back-end applications. The solution is the combination of low-code and business rules.

Room for innovation and ending uncontrollable IT? It’s possible

There is a way, not only quickly and cost-efficiently, to add intelligence and integration power to back-end applications, but also rebuild back-end applications: a combination of low-code and business rules. This provides a single point of definition.

This approach offers two advantages. From a business perspective, business rules are the beginning and end of everything you do in every company. From a technical perspective, a business-rules approach means you only need to change a single business rule to implement a change across your organization – a single point of definition. This way, business rules reduce complexity and strengthen manageability and increases; speed, scalability and adaptability of your IT systems.

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USoft resource ebook Uncontrollable IT

Curious what low-code could mean for your organization, or do you want to know more about what influence the Act-Now economy has on the stability and scalability of your organization – and your core systems?

The time is right, Act-Now, download the e-book, and start working on the foundation of your business operations.

Key takeaways are:

  • How to deliver applications ten times faster?
  • How the lifespan of your system can be extended?
  • Why low-code applications lead to better collaboration between business and IT?

Developing and redesigning seamlessly within your IT landscape

The intelligent, flexible USoft low-code platform is the perfect solution for who wants to innovate fast and adapt to the needs of the market. Our technology engineered around the power of your business rules, so that your organization’s context is always at the heart of everything you do. To achieve the best results, we immerse ourselves in the essence of your operations. We believe that software may never pose an obstacle and should instead clear that path. With over thirty years of experience, we offer organizations, like yours, a low-code development platform for developing and redesigning business-critical systems.

We are the leader in creating low-code software for business automation and risk management. And our vision on co-operation is simple: you decide how you want to work with the USoft platform, and we help where needed. We can take everything out of your hands, or we can provide you with the right knowledge to get started.