Former USoft CEO, Patrick Dekker nominated for Computable Awards

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Engagement, strategy, and passion have given former USoft CEO Patrick Dekker a wonderful nomination for the Computable Awards 2020, in the category “CxO of the year”. We are very proud of this great nomination for Patrick Dekker.

Growth strategy is fully focused on low-code with a back-end first approach

In 2010 Dekker contributed to the independence of USoft and became one of the shareholders. With the low-code platform, USoft is focusing on automating primary processes in operational environments with different data flows and specific processes for business rules. This approach is not aimed at phasing out existing systems to the full extent but aimed at making better use of functions of a certain system landscape by adding an intelligence layer. As a result, our clients are very satisfied that they do not have to accelerate their investments in core systems.


Patrick Dekker genomineerd Computable Awards


Nomination for ‘CxO of the year’

Patrick Dekker saw the potential of USoft as the low-code leader with a ‘back-end first’ approach. At the time, USoft looked for an organization that would support our growth plan, both with the regard to USoft and acquisitions. Overall, a great reason to nominate Patrick for “CxO of the year”.

On Tuesday, November 24th, Computable will be awarding the Computable Awards for the fifteenth time in a row. An independent jury has selected a list of nominees for each award based on all applications.

You can vote until November 1, 2020. The public vote counts for 50% in the final result, the professional jury determines the remaining 50%.

Will you help us and Patrick winning the award by voting? Please vote here! Thank you very much for your vote.

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