OAZ chooses USoft as low-code platform to develop MijnOAZ 2.0

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OAZ, knowledge partner for HR, has chosen USoft as its low-code platform for the development of MijnOAZ 2.0. Together with IT service provider Endava, OAZ will be continuing to automate its service-oriented processes. The project at OAZ is part of the launch of the recently established partnership between USoft and Endava.

A faster way to process schemes in the system

OAZ provides tailor-made advice on and support for businesses in applying for subsidies and other financial benefits for their organization. Many of the services offered by OAZ have already been automated in the current MijnOAZ platform. The continued development in transition to the new platform – MijnOAZ 2.0 – sets the stage for next steps in adding more services and expanding functionality.

MijnOAZ 2.0 will consist of a web interface that shows which activities need to be carried out for the specific schemes for each organization. These activities will be automated by USoft’s rules engine based on business rules, such as deadlines set by subsidy providers or predefined time periods laid down by law.


Innovative platform for ongoing automation of services

Gerard Helming, OAZ managing director: “We were looking for an innovative platform for ongoing automation of our existing services and for continued development of the new MijnOAZ 2.0. In this process, we wanted more input from the users and a better understanding of what will be achieved. We are excited that the approach adopted by USoft allows our own people to do their work within the system using natural language. This was clear in the pilot phase we recently completed, which showed us how the desired functionalities could be achieved quickly and effectively.”

As regulations are constantly changing, it is important for the systems to evolve along with them. Opting for the USoft low-code platform, based on business rules, makes it possible to accelerate how changes to existing schemes are processed, and new schemes are added to the system. In this new setup, clients can also access more information about the status of available subsidies and cost reductions within their organization and will be able to find and share all the necessary information in the MijnOAZ environment.

We were looking for an innovative platform for ongoing automation of our existing services and for continued development. With the USoft low-code platform we set the stage for next steps in adding more services and expanding functionality. – Gerard Helming, OAZ managing director.


User engagement through natural language

Assisted by the USoft specialists, Endava will kick off the project with the implementation of two schemes for helping people return to work: WGA (for partially or temporarily disabled persons) and WHK (differentiated premium for the Return to Work Fund). This significantly broadens the range of services available on the digital platform. Features from the existing system, such as text recognition, will be integrated into the new app. Functionality is created in short cycles and tested based on input and knowledge contributed by the users: the specialists at OAZ. The USoft platform uses natural language to define the specifications for new apps. In doing so, USoft is meeting the need that OAZ has expressed to get users more involved in the specification process.

Olav Pannenborg, Head of Business Development for Benelux at Endava: “With USoft, we can deliver an innovative and robust platform for OAZ. USoft is a perfect fit for OAZ’s request for the users of the applications to have more ownership, and for the rapid and future-proof development of the new MijnOAZ 2.0. Working with USoft is very pleasant, and we are looking forward to continuing to expand our partnership.”

Hans Canisius, USoft CEO: “We are very happy with OAZ as a client and the collaboration with Endava. The lines of communication are short and OAZ has a pragmatic approach that is close to our heart. They see the value of defining business rules in natural language. This puts users more in charge and allows for faster functionality development.”



About OAZOAZ logo

OAZ is a knowledge-driven organization. By listening to clients, the market and our own people, the company has developed innovative services in the field of management information for HR professionals. OAZ provides tailor-made advice for strategic decision-making regarding applying for subsidies and managing HR-related financial benefits and risks. For more information: www.oaz.nl


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Endava provides IT engineering services based on nearshoring. The Dutch team operates from Utrecht WTC. Endava assists clients in their digital transformation and in supporting the entire IT chain: from IT strategy to IoT, data, AI, software development, automated testing, cloud management and application management (24/7). Endava has been operating around the globe for over 20 years, serving customers in a variety of industries, from finance to retail and logistics. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, achieving an average annual growth rate of more than 30 percent. Endava is listed on the NYSE and currently has nearly 7,500 employees spread across 42 offices in Northwestern Europe, the USA and Singapore, with delivery centers in Central Europe and South America. Endava focuses on long-term relationships and prefers to see their clientele as partners rather than clients. The company’s mission is to help people be successful: from the application users to the stakeholders at the client organization. For more information, visit www.endava.nl.


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