Release new version 9.1. Rules Engine Platform

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USoft announced today the release of their new version 9.1. USoft rules engine platform. Our flagship USoft product introduces a new set of features that broadens the field of enterprise solutions with rules always at the core.


What’s new in USoft 9.1

USoft 9.1’s main theme is performance. The Rules Engine has been optimised and shows in order of a 20% better performance per engine and up to a factor of 2 better performance in multi-threading scenarios.


The key benefits that can be achieved from using USoft 9.1

  • Performance: Besides the 20% better performance per engine, web runtimes also show better performance, up to a factor of 1.5. Network traffic has been reduced by approximately a factor of 2.
  • Service orientation: USoft 9.1 collaborates with other software in a service-oriented architecture.
  • Continuous delivery: USoft 9.1 adds the USoft Delivery Manager tool to the platform.
  • Prototyping: With a single click, webpages used in demos and prototypes now get a minimum of the finished look-and-feel.

What makes USoft special

As you can see from all these features, USoft stands out as a data processor: it works on the premise that the best rules engines are also data managers. A USoft implementation has its own professional RDBMS containing both rules and rules-governed data. This is one step up from conventional process engines or decision engines that act as external components responding to input data that is passed to them from other sources.


More information

To read more in-depth information on the new USoft 9.1. features open the business factsheet ‘USoft, the rules engine platform for high data quality’ or the technical paper which summarises all the technical features ‘USoft 9.1. platform features description’.

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