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We work with various partners – including system integrators who are building and modernizing or completely re-engineering complex and data-intensive applications for their clients, as well as ISVs opting for a development platform that evolves along with the available technology. They move all the technical complexity of software development to the USoft platform. See an overview of the partners we work with below.

System Integrators


Endava provides IT engineering services based on nearshoring. Endava assists clients in their digital transformation and in supporting the entire IT chain: from IT strategy to IoT, data, AI, software development, automated testing, cloud management and application management (24/7). Endava has been operating around the globe for over 20 years, serving customers in a variety of industries, from finance to retail and logistics. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, achieving an average annual growth rate of more than 30 percent. Endava is listed on the NYSE and currently has nearly 7,500 employees spread across 42 offices in Northwestern Europe, the USA and Singapore, with delivery centers in Central Europe and South America. Endava focuses on long-term relationships and prefers to see their clientele as partners rather than clients. The company’s mission is to help people be successful: from the application users to the stakeholders at the client organization.



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Avertim is a unique innovation and management advisory group that guides large transformation programs by bridging the gap between strategy and business operations. Avertim supports organizations in three important domains: performance management, risk & compliance and innovation.



With more than 180,000 professionals in over 40 countries, Capgemini is one of the world’s leading providers of consultancy, technology and outsourcing services. It has developed its own way of working called the “collaborative business experience.” Capgemini is our global partner for the Solvinx privacy and risk management solution.




Archifact is an independent software supplier. They use the USoft low-code platform as a basis to develop applications as a standard package (purchasing) but also for customization.


Software Kompagniet

The Danish company Kompagniet is a software design and development organization that has partnered with USoft since its foundation in 1995. Their business consists of two pillars: custom-made and ready-made. USoft’s technology plays an important role in Kompagniet’s software solutions.


Independent Software Vendors

ResortSuite logo


Whether it is a hotel with a restaurant, or a company that also has wellness facilities and provides golfing facilities, every hotel and resort can rely on ResortSuite’s hospitality software. The unique promise to offer fully personalized experiences to guests while streamlining the back-end process is realized by USoft’s low-code platform based on business rules. Read here their full story.


Marti Orbak Software

Marti Orbak Software is the software specialist in the bakery industry. More than 600 bakeries in the Netherlands make use of their services. They develop bakery back-office software, production software and POS software and Webshops. Their goal is to increase the efficiency of their users.


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Software provider IMVS provides modular software solutions to small and mid-sized asset managers. For the past years, the company has been building and maintaining its applications on the USoft low-code platform. IMVS has been able to keep their software evolving along with the market.



PhenoVation, manufacturer of camera systems for phenotyping and USoft, low-code software supplier, are together creating a phenotyping database that can automatically rank and analyze large numbers of crop photos in real time. The joint project will be the first to bring a low-code database application to the agrochemical sector. Researchers will be able to use the database to quickly make result analyzes and thus determine the best strategy for their crop research.


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Archifact is an independent software supplier. They use the USoft low-code platform as a basis to develop applications as a standard package (purchasing) but also for customization.


Technologie partner


MagnaVersum provides app services and business intelligence services for the B2B market. It produces market-ready solutions for, among other things, marketing communication, customer contact, waste stream management and business intelligence. MagnaVersum developed the SMART Dashboard for USoft.



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RiskRhino offers easy to use yet complete GRC Software. This simplifies Governance, Risk Management & Compliance for all organizations from multinational to SME. RiskRhino is the software backbone to help you to efficiently embed GRC in your organization. Modern technology to help you drive your organization forward whilst minimizing risks with a minimal effort and investment. Of course safely hosted and available as a no investment SaaS model.