USoft Studio is the perfect solution to capture and manage business rules in natural language. This guarantees the quality of projects and processes in real time. Finally, it enables you to easily determine whether business rules meet the requirements to develop and improve successful business processes and applications.

Fragmented knowledge leads to risk

Many organizations are struggling with the fragmented knowledge of procedures, processes and business rules. As a result, there is no unambiguous overview of the risks and business opportunities in essential business environments. Applications often do not meet the demands of the business because there is no consistent description of the requirements and processes.


Automatic analysis of business rules

USoft Studio solves the issue of fragmented knowledge around risks in business processes. The tool automatically analyzes how business rules are described and recognizes both the meaning and the consequences of those rules. Interrelated descriptions are directly linked, grouped and made visible in the user interfaces. Clear navigation with hyperlinks shows you immediately which rules and actions are missing or are already occurring elsewhere in the knowledge base.


The ideal tool to control

Because USoft Studio functions as a web portal on top of the knowledge database of your organization, there are no separate files to deal with and all information is stored in a structured and central manner. This makes USoft Studio the ideal tool to easily check all business rules, descriptions and processes.

USoft Studio helps you with business rules

Business rules stored straightforward

All business knowledge about processes and business rules is stored in a straightforward way in USoft Studio. This prevents the fragmentation of information within the organization.

Business rules consistently analyzed

USoft Studio works consistently. Business rules are analyzed in real time and with color codes for significance or consequences.

Easy integration of business applications

With USoft Studio, you can easily organize the integration of business applications on existing software and infrastructures.

Discover USoft Studio

Natural language

In USoft Studio, business rules and terms are described in natural language. Color codes, according to the SBVR red-green-blue scheme, help you understand whether your design is working properly.

Integration with the USoft platform

Business rules in USoft Studio are linked to implementations in the Rules Engine. As a result, the implementation is as easy to find and adapt as the natural-language rule itself. This is a big step towards insightful and quickly adaptable business applications.

Navigation from the process

You can draw BPMN (business process model and notation) schemes, where USoft Studio automatically analyzes all text and links it to the definitions and business rules in natural language. This simplifies the navigation from process to related business rules, other knowledge content and vice versa.


Extensive management

USoft Studio offers extensive possibilities to manage licenses and roles through a clear authentication process.

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Ruud Vermeulen, Business architect KLM

“With USoft Studio we have completed a project with demonstrably higher quality in substantially less time.”