We are very proud of our customers and the projects we do together. Interested to find out how companies use our low code platform for business-critical applications? How do they feel about USoft’s services and collaboration? Below you can read a selection of our customer success cases.

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USoft low-code under the hood of the Archifact procurement software

“The company is in Dutch hands and business rules form the core of their platform. Because therein lies the unique strength of USoft. Our technical people and the engineers at USoft have exactly the same vision, we reinforce each other. Sometimes we come up with something that USoft will include in its platform. And we, in turn, make optimal use of all the functionality that is in the platform.”
Jan de Wolff, Director at Archifact

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Pluripharm Group USoft

Developing customized software for rule-intensive and data-intensive processes

“Our market is enormously complex. USoft understands this complexity better than anyone. That is why they are always on the shortlist when it comes to complex applications; software that operates at the heart of our primary processes and the software processes many different types of data.”
Hans Stokman, ICT manager at Pluripharm Group

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Integration as a key enabler for an autonomous-running & event-driven airport

Schiphol is one of the global leaders when it comes to digitizing airports. At a digital airport, IT and data are at the heart of the primary process. With a focus on integrated airport operations and flight handling, the aims are twofold: to guide passengers through the airport as quickly and comfortably as possible, and to optimize logistical processes around baggage and cargo transport. The challenge in this is to let data support the operation in real-time and thus better control the processes across airport operations. One of the platforms Schiphol Airport uses is USoft’s low-code platform.

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Keep software evolving along with the market using low-code

“Our IP is worth a large amount comparative to the small team we have. By using USoft as a development platform, we have always been able to evolve along with the market. On the one hand, we are able to grow technologically in response to what the market demands, – but we are also able to adapt functionalities quickly. As a team, we don’t consider nearly often enough how extraordinary that is for such a small company as ours.”
John Motley, director of IMVS

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Fully Integrated Resort & Hotel Management Software

“Our secret has always been USoft! We have specifically chosen the USoft business rules methodology because it enabled us to build a platform that supports complex and diverse hotel and catering operations. Our industry peers are highly surprised to find that we offer the deepest and widest functionality with such a small team.”
Frank Pitsikalis – Founder and CEO of ResortSuite

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‘We have complete trust in the relationship with USoft’

Farminform, provides high-quality market information for the pharmaceutical supply chain and associated healthcare providers. Farminform now excels its business operations with a critical USoft application.

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Supporting European aviation

Eurocontrol applies USoft in the area of geographical data administration for Air Traffic Control. Ensuring high quality data storage of essential flight route information.


“From a legal/compliance perspective, the best feature of the tool surely is its capacity to demonstrate your organization’s compliance, and efforts to become compliant.”
Jan-Paul Verboom, legal counsel privacy at FrieslandCampina Corporate Centre

Demonstrably higher quality in substantially less time

“We have completed a project with USoft Studio which resulted in an improvement in the quality of the delivered requirements, and an increase in the productivity and effectivity of the specification process. The product is relatively new, and in our opinion, offers a great deal of potential for the future.”
Ruud Vermeulen – Business Architect KLM

First low-code database application in the agrochemical sector

“There is a great need for a one-key solution. USoft’s experience in the modular construction of software at a high industrial level is therefore very useful. With our expertise, we reinforce one another”, says Vincent Jalink, Technical Sales Manager at PhenoVation

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Gaining insight into privacy risks and to manage tasks that employee must perform to be GDPR-compliant

“The cooperation in setting up the reports had a positive effect. By making our wishes explicit, we got what we needed: Good insight into the status of privacy within WUR.”
Koos Nijssen, functional application manager at USoft

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