IMVS has kept their software evolving along with the market using low-code

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Software provider IMVS provides modular software solutions to small and mid-sized asset managers. For the past years, the company has been building and maintaining its applications on the USoft low-code platform. During that time, the world around them has seen quite a few technological changes. Where their competitors had to regularly rebuild their platform from scratch in order to stay relevant, IMVS has been able to keep their software evolving along with the market over all that time. What’s their secret?

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Adapts quickly to changing laws and regulations

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Easy to develop interfaces to other software

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Integration with all types of infrastructure and technology

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“The value of our intellectual property is actually disproportionate to the number of developers we employ.”

John Motley, Director of IMVS

The challenge

The development environment at the time was no longer up to date, to keep the software compliant with constantly changing laws and regulations.

The solution

The choice was made to rebuild the entire software from scratch using USoft’s low-code platform. The software for asset managers, build with USoft doesn’t automate the how, but the what. What needs to happen, and what should that action result in?

The result

By using USoft as a development platform, IMVS have always been able to evolve along with the market. On the one hand, they are able to grow technologically in response to what the market demands, and on the other hand they are also able to adapt functionalities quickly.

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