ResortSuite builds extensive hospitality software with small team


Whether it is a hotel with a restaurant, or a company that also has wellness facilities and provides ski passes or golfing facilities, every hotel and resort can rely on ResortSuite’s hospitality software. The unique promise to offer fully personalized experiences to guests while streamlining the back-end process is realized by USoft’s low-code platform based on business rules.

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Easy to connect with other software

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Clients can configure the software themselves

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Rapid innovation and ongoing development

Success story hotel management software ResortSuite

“Without the nuts and bolts provided by USoft, we would never have been able to develop and maintain so much functionality with such a small team.”

Frank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO of ResortSuite

Frank Pitsikalis ResortSuite

The challenge

Building a complete software suite with Hotel & Resort Management functionality from scratch with a small company within a year.

The solution

The low-code platform of USoft, which provides access to sophisticated technology behind a user-friendly interface, ensuring that the software to be developed can remain simple and clear.

The result

A head start over the competition due to the wide range of the suite and the easy adaptability of the software.

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Roland Gerritsen

Roland Gerritsen

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