Artificial intelligence (AI) is a development you can no longer avoid. With the USoft platform, AI applications are now within reach for your organization because we are simplifying access to AI. From the USoft platform, AI algorithms can be invoked, even without an in-depth knowledge of programming with AI.

Intelligent algorithms

Every organization has to deal with the growing volume of data and the increasing complexity of processes and IT. This complicates the insights you gain into the performance of processes and decision-making. The solution is found in the application of intelligent algorithms. The business rules on the USoft platform make external libraries with their wealth of algorithms more accessible and rapidly deployable. USoft distinguishes itself through its focus on joining the two worlds of software development and the application of artificial intelligence as part of these applications. This simplifies decision-making in complex business processes and makes it more efficient and cost-effective.


Growth becomes controllable

Now that more computing power is available, the growth in the volume of data and complex calculations becomes manageable within the domain of business applications. It is therefore much easier for developers and management to control processes with business rules based on AI. In this way, for example, disruptions in a process can be identified more quickly, and it is even possible to predict them in essential parts of the business process.


Bridge between IT and business

USoft’s vision is clear: the use of intelligent algorithms should be accessible to all developers. Even without extensive expertise, you should be able to apply algorithms within the business rules you want to implement in the software. By using the algorithm library, we bridge the gap between IT and business. In this way, AI is more accessible in the business processes. Bridging this gap is an area we expect a lot from in the coming years and to which USoft is fully committed.

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Hans Canisius

Hans Canisius

Curious about what AI can do for your business processes? Please contact Hans Canisius for an introduction and a demo of the USoft platform.

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