Low-code is the new “normal” in software. Business applications are delivered faster, with minimal maintenance and are more easily adapted to new needs. This is why USoft has been developing low-code solutions for business-critical processes for decades, both for new applications and for rebuilding or phasing out existing software.

Low-code: faster and easier

IT and business are increasingly converging in business operations. This is an important and positive development as business automation is expanding rapidly in all aspects of society. However, this requires flexibility in organizations. How quickly can you respond to changing customer needs and how do you control the costs of adapting your range of services?

Low-code software has become a necessity to develop and adapt business applications easier and faster. With minimal code, you can accelerate time-to-market and test prototypes in a short period of time. In addition, you are less dependent on people, and the maintenance of the applications is a lot easier, resulting in lower overall costs.

Low-code application development: these are the advantages

Shorter time-to-market

low-code, applications can be developed up to ten times faster.

Rapid prototyping

Develop and test new ideas in a short period of time.

Lower costs

In addition to rapid development, less code leads to easier maintenance and management, and therefore lower costs.

Better collaboration between IT and business

Thanks to low-code, IT and business go seamlessly hand in hand and even take place within the same team.

Less pressure on IT resources

With low-code development, your organization is less dependent on specific IT specialists.

Easier re-use

Low-code software delivers easy to re-use components, both within and between applications.

Open and customizable

With low-code, business applications are more transparent and easier to expand.

Low-code according to Gartner

Low-code business applications offer attractive gains in productivity and speed of delivery. In the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-code Application Platforms, published by Gartner, this IT consulting firm states that by 2024 more than 65% of enterprise software will be developed in low-code. This will also lead to faster and more integrated application development, and it will make IT costs more manageable.

This is what USoft delivers with low-code

USoft is one of the few software development companies that, for over thirty years, has specialized in low-code backends for complex business applications. This applies to new application development as well as to rebuilding or phasing out existing software.
The advantages of the USoft platform are:


  • We work with business rules instead of procedures. This enables organizations to manage complexity better and more consistently;
  • Business rules make decision-making transparent in business-critical processes and can easily be automated;
  • Low-code removes repetitive development work. Generic issues are automatically converted into code, so you only need to focus on specific issues;
  • USoft always starts with the development of the backend. We have been doing this with great success for over thirty years. With this solid foundation, you don’t have to worry about the development of upcoming changes in applications;
  • Deployment of the USoft platform also means a better total cost of ownership because the use of low-code leads to easier maintenance and management.

Do you want to know more about low-code application development?

Roel Spans

Roel Spans

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