USoft low-code long life span

Fine wines age well over time. But older software usually does not – it can cause headaches. Maintenance is costly. Business logic is lost. And you are losing the control and flexibility your business requires.

The legacy headache

Are you facing this situation? Then it’s time to transform your legacy applications with USoft.

Our low-code platform and unique incremental approach to modernization are designed to transform your legacy landscape. You can replace and improve your legacy applications, or ‘wrap’ them in a modern interface. You choose. Make your core business applications resilient and future proof again, without disrupting business operations.

Start to revitalize your legacy landscape today

Replace & Improve

  • Completely transform legacy systems and landscapes
  • Enhance and extend functionalities that deliver modern solutions with more business value

Upgrade capabilities

  • Extend and enhance capabilities of core systems
  • Focus on what your business needs with zero disruptions

How does legacy modernization work?

The USoft Simplifier, designed for legacy code analysis, helps you to clean and unravel legacy applications to extract an unprecedented amount of application logic, like functional entities and business rules. This information will be converted to a new solution based on the USoft low-code platform. This low-code solution also gives you the flexibility to quickly implement new functionality, allowing you to focus on that what your business needs.


Modernizing legacy software - USoft


Benefits of legacy modernization

  • 5x faster development speed
  • Meet your customer & business demands
  • Become future proof & ready for future technologies
  • Preserve key business knowledge
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce cost


Jurre Mulder, CDO at Intergamma:

“With USoft we make an important move towards the use of low-code as an implementation of a flexible and manageable solution for custom backend systems within the Intergamma landscape.”

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