In a world with rapidly changing customer needs, continuous innovation is a must. The growth of context and personalization requires the optimization of decision-making and processes so you can stay ahead of the competition. USoft has the perfect approach to quickly initiating this digital transformation towards effective automation. That is what we call the Act-Now transition.

Disruptions have a great impact

Even when business processes and planning are well organized, the slightest disruption can have a major impact on operations. In order to react to this in real time, an Act-Now transition is needed. This involves a combination of the following aspects:


  • In order to optimize speed and consistency, organizations need to further automate processes and decision-making.
  • Predicting what the organization is facing at an early stage.
  • Real-time insight into the impact and how the impact can be reduced.
  • Actively respond to predictable and unpredictable disruptions.

This is what you need for an Act-Now transition


Bringing these three angles together gives you a better grip of processes and decision-making, and it is a big step towards becoming an Act-Now organization. It will deliver benefits such as improved punctuality, reduced downtime and increased customer appreciation. By implementing this across all company departments, predictability throughout the entire operational chain is raised to a higher level.

Automation of decision-making

On the path to digital transformation, the automation of decision-making is required. In addition, we know from experience that existing systems can easily be complemented with an added intelligent layer. Saying goodbye to well-functioning software is therefore not always needed, which makes it financially more attractive.


The strength of USoft is the technical connection between existing and new systems and data sources. We add an orchestrational layer with intelligent business rules to automate decision-making. Our long-term experience has taught us that business rules change less often than procedures. That is why our approach guarantees a better and more sustainable foundation for the optimization of operational processes.

USoft in action

Schiphol Group is applying USoft as technology partner for realising its digital airport ambition. Challenged by increasing process interdependencies affecting operational effectiveness and a growing attention to the personal passenger journey, Schiphol Group is using USoft to better utilise the value in existing data, integrate information and apply cross-functional business logic to improve real-time decision making processes and personalised information exchange.


What does Act-Now deliver?

More customer satisfaction

Faster and largely automated decision-making with the Act-Now transition ensures higher customer lifetime value and customer satisfaction. After all, at the end of the operational chain, consumers expect optimal service. Because all links in the process are controlled by business rules, with the USoft platform, you no longer get the information from customers. Instead, you proactively bring it to them.


Limited outage

The Act-Now transition, as part of the USoft platform, limits downtime in your organization. Disruptions in your processes have less impact on the entire operational chain because the business rules provide timely insights and largely automated decisions can be made quickly. This provides more efficiency and improved cost control.

Do you want to know more about digital transformation?

Roel Spans

Roel Spans

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