Real-time, complex event processing

Concise and consistent decisions on high transactional volumes

Would you like to stop the ripple effect of operational disruptions early on? Do you experience increased operational costs following delayed or inconsistent decisions? Are you interested in improved efficiency in your decision-making process? USoft enables you to analyse vast amounts of seemingly unrelated data from different sources in real-time. Your complex event processing has never been more accurate.

Today, it is a challenge to keep pace with all the information available to us. Big data, transactional systems, a wealth of intel is at our fingertips. As it turns out, the more information we receive, the less consistent our decisions are. The sheer volume of information is simply surpassing our ability to comprehend. This introduces a whole new set of risks for your organisation.

Complex event processing

USoft offers a unique integration platform for complex event processing to allow companies to build complex, high volume transactional decision-making systems. In real-time. The intuitive software platform uses a model-driven approach to quickly go from idea to working software. Analysing all incoming data in real-time, notifications will be presented once disruptions are noticed. If defined, several courses of action may be presented too, to assist the operator in the decision-making process. Alternatively or additionally, semi or fully automated actions may be automated in the system.

Rules instead of processes

The event processing engine of the USoft software is based on business rules. It seems obvious to base a decision-making engine on business processes, but using your business rules will also make you more agile. Experience taught us that business rules change less frequently than procedures do. Once you define your business, these will be a solid and lasting base for your decisions. The software will now continue to run these. Should any process change over time, this will not have any effect on your decision engine. The software will continue to offer event-specific recommendations and actions.

Lower your risk

In high-volume transactional environments, managing risk means you will identify anomalies as early as possible. The USoft real-time decision-making platform enables you to mitigate the effects, and possible related additional costs, promptly. As an additional benefit, your data quality will be ensured. Nothing is allowed to use or change the data if it does not comply with the defined business rules. A critical aspect of complex systems using information from multiple sources.

Act-Now and fly high

Our user-friendly technology monitors passengers’ experience throughout the whole airport journey enabling to prevent any possible disruptions while simultaneously creating data for future efficiency.

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AOA Membership

USoft is member of the Airport Operators Association (AOA). The trade association representing the interests of UK airports, and the principal such body engaging with the UK Government and regulatory authorities on airport matters.

Use cases for complex event processing

Event processing and real-time decision-making software are all about offering operators information where and when needed. Events they need to act on at that specific moment in time. With increased efficiency to boot: decisions will be taken faster, earlier in the process and will be more consistent.

Baggage handling for airports

One cost driver for delays is due to removing baggage of non-boarded passengers from the plane. By regulation, passenger baggage must be removed if the passenger does not board the plane in time for departure. This is a primary cause for delays, as loaded baggage must be located and unloaded.
With USoft, a passenger’s progress can be tracked across the airport. Analysing waiting and processing times at each checkpoint in real-time. Combining all factors that influence the passenger’s journey across the airport, critical passengers receive priority access through customs and security. This will shorten the time needed to reach the gate in time for boarding.

Decision support software: improved speed & consistency

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