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UConnect 2018 Speakers include

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Rob de Vries

Consultant Cyber Security at True-xs Cyber Security B.V.

Opening keynote; 10.30 - 11.15hrs

Cybercrime & hackers: the human factor?

Cybercrime is hot topic. Everyday we hear about it in the media. But do we know who these cybercriminals are? How do these criminals get to our (personal) data? How are organisations fault when being hacked? Often human error or behavior let to these hacks. In this keynote we discuss these topics and give you some practical tips to improve your digital resilience.

About Rob

Rob de Vries is Consultant Cyber Security at True-xs Cyber Security B.V. Rob started his carreer in cyber security in 2014 after finishing a study at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. His daily job consists of hacking company’s as Ethical Hacker, doing Incident Response investigations and managing True-xs Security Operations Center.

Picture of Ted Mos


Algemeen directeur TBM Groep, IT-Auditor, Privacy en Security specialist, Sr. Project- en Beleidsadviseur informatieveiligheid

(Note: this is a Dutch language presentation)

Privacy track; 11.45 - 12.30hrs

Werken vanuit privacy in een data gedreven wereld schept aantoonbaar kansen!

Als er iets is dat in de achter ons liggende periode echt vér ‘over de top’ is gegaan, dan is het wel de aandacht voor ‘Privacy’. Terwijl de AVG niet eens over privacy gaat maar gewoon over het beschermen van persoonsgegevens. Velen zien de AVG als bedreiging. Dat maakt organisaties vatbaar voor de vele Cowboy verhalen die vooral aansturen op het zaaien van angst. AVG is juist een ‘once in a lifetime’ kans. Tijd om het gezonde verstand te laten zegenvieren!

Over Ted

Ted heeft 23 jaar in de accountancy gewerkt en is al weer 20 jaar algemeen directeur van de TBM Groep. Hij is IT-auditor, techneut en organisatie- en bedrijfskundige. Zijn focus en interesses van de afgelopen 20 jaar heeft hem gemaakt tot een privacy en security specialist die vooral kijkt naar de bedrijfsmatige kansen die verantwoord omgaan met (persoons)gegevens organisaties brengt. Ted is een pragmaticus die daarbij vooral praktische toepassingen zoekt om tot werkbare oplossingen te komen die bijdragen aan organisatiedoelen.


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A variety of R&D specialists

USoft technology track; 11.45 - 12.30hrs

Capability demonstration

Seeing is believing. In this presentation, USoft R&D will give practical insight into powerful new capabilities that are within each USoft developer’s reach. Get inspired by examples of what is possible and increase the value of USoft technology for your organisation.


Picture of Jacco Saaman

Jacco Saaman

Business Development & Innovation Director at SPIE Nederland

Be inspired track; 12.30 - 13.15hrs

From thinking to doing - applied to the Smart Cities concept

About Jacco

SPIE Nederland is a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications.
Jacco can be expressed by the words; Out of the box thinking - Innovation - Facility Management - Contract Management - ITIL v3 - ASL 2.0 - Marketing & Sales / Commercial 

Albert Holl UConnect 2018

Albert Holl

Privacy Director at USoft

Privacy track; 12.30 - 13.15hrs

The GDPR practicalities; adding basic value

Albert will discuss latest developments within the Privacy domain; the GDPR applies since the 25th of May; what happened since that time and are there new insights to share?

About Albert

Albert focuses on helping organizations with practical privacy; the concrete implementation of the GDPR.
Albert is a dedicated privacy consultant and a certified privacy professional with excellent people skills. In July 2016 Albert was acknowledged as a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) by the IAPP. (for more information please visit: https://iapp.org/certify/fip)
He can best be described as a privacy professional who is relentlessly focused at delivering results (“reaching the destination”), while he keeps in mind that the journey is equally important.

picture of Rob van Haarst

Rob van Haarst

Senior Software Specialist at USoft

USoft technology track; 12.30 - 13.15hrs

UDeliver: Continuous Delivery in USoft 9.1

Continuous delivery is a key feature in USoft 9.1. The new Delivery Manager tooling allows you to manage repositories and releases. Delivery Manager uses the familiar USoft declarative way of working. It will collaborate in a larger ecosystem where your organisation may also have adopted other delivery technologies, such as .Git, Jenkins and Docker.

About Rob

With a degree in general linguistics, Rob van Haarst has 20+ years of experience in business modelling for software development, analyzing project requirements, creating or customizing the actual software, and building supporting tools. He has specialized in natural-language specifications and model-driven development. 
It is my ambition to help requirements specialists, process designers, business modellers and software developers in taking the right approach to model their project, take advantage of methods and standards, design or control software, and to deploy tools if needed.

picture of Edwill Jansen

Edwill Jansen

Regional Vice President Financial Services Industry The Netherlands at Salesforce

Be inspired track; 14.15 - 15.00hrs

How AI can boost client engagement

Salesforce delivers the world's leading customer engagement platform and is as a company considered to be in the top 10 of most innovative companies for the past 10 years. Based on the notion of seamless client experiences across any journey the platform offers an opportunity for any company to make use of client data and insights via new AI technologies, such as natural language processing, machine learning and predictive analytics. What is available today? What are the trends? What developments can be expected over the coming years?

About Edwill

Edwill Jansen is responsible for the Financial Services Industry sales team of Salesforce NL. After his Informatics study (specialised in Expert Support Systems) he started his career as programmer/analyst at IBM in 1990. Over a period of more than 25 years he held many, mostly internationally oriented positions at IBM. While he focused on services in the '90s, he was more focused on sales in the zeros. After a three year period (2005-2008) at EHQ in Madrid, he returned to the Netherlands as sales manager for the Distribution and Industrial sectors. From 2010 till his move to Salesforce mid 2016 he was the IBM Global Client Director for ING.

To be announced soon

Privacy track, 14.15 - 15.00hrs

Frank Rijnders

Chief Technology Officer at USoft

USoft technology track; 14.15 - 15.00hrs

USoft 9.1 Overview & USoft Roadmap

The official presentation of the USoft 9.1. release. This presentation will provide an overview of all new features and functions in USoft 9.1, ranging from useful tools for developers to improved overall performance of the engine. In addition, Frank Rijnders will present the USoft Roadmap and shed light on our vision for the coming years. 

About Frank

With a background in solid state physics and computation environments for physics,  he has a passion for efficient solution paradigms that apply to wide variety of problems. His 30+ experience includes applying the advances of main stream technology as building blocks into versatile, low code development systems.
Frank can be expressed best as true technology driven, striving towards facilitating the integration of various types of solution techniques. He is also deeply in love with Italy, for its beauty and probably also for its unsurpassed cuisine.

speaker Christian Kromme

Christian Kromme

Visionary Thinker and futurist

Closing keynote; 15.00 - 16.00hrs

Humanification Go Digital, Stay Human

Our world is changing at an exponential rate! A big tidal wave of digital transformation and disruption is coming at us fast. Many organizations see this wave as a threat and experience stress, but there are also organizations that just see this wave as an opportunity.

Disruptive organizations like Uber and Airbnb think and act like surfers and know exactly where and when they need to jump on the wave of exponential technology to harness the power of the wave to make exponential speed.

About Christian

Christian is an expert in disruptive technologies and the author of the Amazon best-selling book ‘Humanification - Go Digital, Stay Human'. In this book, Christian focuses on the fascinating parallels between biology and technology. The waves of technological innovations that follow each other in rapid rate are in fact no coincidence ... The book Humanification helps managers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and investors anticipate and navigate in an extremely rapidly changing world.