USoft low-code under the hood of the Archifact procurement software

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Archifact has been a provider of custom software based on USoft’s low-code platform since 1997. For one of the customers, this was a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution that integrates seamlessly with Exact and other financial ERP systems. Due to the high demand in the market for such a solution, this product has grown to become the standard purchasing software package Archifact also developed into an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The driving force behind this success: the business rules approach of the USoft low-code platform.

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Development of custom software for customers based on business rules

USoft Low-code

USoft also under the hood of Shpr purchasing application

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With a small team, developing custom products as well as supplying standard software

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“By using business rules, we make the information provision independent of processes and procedures. In this way, we give customers more say and control over their own software.”

Kees Rooijers, Manager Research and Development at Archifact

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The challenge

Tooling that allows you to automatically generate software without coding.

The solution

The Business Rules Engine in the USoft platform supplemented with an interface generator developed by Archifact.

The result

With this software factory concept and their compact team, Archifact serves large customers with both custom software and the purchasing software Shpr.

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