Webinar – September 21 Modernizing outdated core applications. How to start?

Outdated core applications inhibit innovation. The business demands, but systems can never keep up. That forces an organization into shadow IT. Modernizing legacy presents unique opportunities. To make that move, you need insight, into what digitalization needs to do for your business. PIT and USoft will explain how to do that in this webinar.

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Webinar – September 21 Modernizing outdated core applications. How to start?

Do you want to break free from legacy software, but don’t know where to start? In this webinar, Ruurd Portman (CEO PIT Digital Transformation) and Hans Canisius (CEO USoft) will give you a practical roadmap. They will also show you the benefits of an agile ERP, WMS, or other core IT system based on the USoft platform.

A practical roadmap for innovation and growth
Core software should never be a drag on your business.
It should provide agility to your business. What if business and IT really work together? And IT does have the ability to translate the unique processes of your company directly into software. To create the digital environment your business needs. To become better, faster, with less complexity.
PIT has developed a practical method to determine where you need to deploy digitalization. And explains how you can make a clear plan, in order to take targeted action. To prepare your company for innovation and growth.

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