Business rules management strengthens your business processes. With your business rules in natural language, you can develop flexible business applications on the USoft platform. Result: more efficiency, better collaboration, lower IT costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Complex technology becomes easier

Business rules are there to simplify the complex world of technology. In the Rules Engine on the USoft platform, they form a protective shell around the processes in your organization. They regulate the behavior of those processes, sometimes by blocking a procedure, but above all, they ensure that the decision-making process is performed automatically and in real time. The quality of service provided by the Rules Engine is guaranteed because, in the end, that is what keeps the competition at bay.

For example: a car rental company likes to offer a discount to travelers who book a flight. By linking data and the use of business rules, the USoft platform’s software recognizes in real time which travelers are eligible for a discount. This leads to more productivity, a higher turnover and greater customer satisfaction.

See USoft in action

‘We have complete trust in the relationship with USoft’

Farminform, provides high-quality market information for the pharmaceutical supply chain and associated healthcare providers. Farminform now excels its business operations with a critical USoft application.

Demonstrably higher quality in substantially less time

“We have completed a project with USoft Studio which resulted in an improvement in the quality of the delivered requirements, and an increase in the productivity and effectivity of the specification process. The product is relatively new, and in our opinion, offers a great deal of potential for the future.”
Ruud Vermeulen – Business Architect KLM

The Rules Engine supports decision-making

The Rules Engine is not a standard decision tree. The layer of intelligent business rules, developed and stored in USoft Studio, searches itself for paths in the process and responds with actions in a bi-directional manner. The Rules Engine therefore supports decision-making and can even largely automate the end-to-end decision process.

Within the USoft platform, the business rules even allow you, with the help of artificial intelligence, to predict actions and procedures. That means you can detect deviations or inconsistencies at the earliest possible stage and limit the risk of failure. This is especially important in complex environments with many transactions and multiple data. In these instances, the business rules guarantee continuity, and both the organization and automation become more agile, while IT costs remain manageable.

These are the advantages of business rules management

Benefit 1  Agility

The Rules Engine makes your automation and business-critical processes more robust, qualitative and agile. This supports decision-making and is applicable to every organization, as well as, for example, online businesses.

Advantage 2 Transparency

Because the code is close to natural language rules, you achieve transparency, and the operation of the software is not overwhelmed by technical code. The layer of intelligent business rules finds its own way in the business process and reacts to them with actions.

Benefit 3 Traceability

Deviations that can disrupt the business process are detected at an early stage with the Rules Engine. This limits the risk of downtime and unnecessary IT costs.

Advantage 4 Controllabiltiy

Even if processes change in the future, the software and business rules remain intact. With the Rules Engine, you always manage the procedures in the organization.

Do you want to know more about business rules management?

Roel Spans

Roel Spans

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