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The power of back-end low-code

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The three promises of USoft

Low-code: back end first

Low-code is the new “normal” in software. With our unconventional “back-end-first” approach, USoft first builds a rock-solid foundation for business applications in low-code. This provides optimal flexibility when developing user interfaces and leads to far more efficiency and lower costs for maintenance.

Business rules for maximum control

The USoft platform is based on business rules. As a result, business processes and their context are always top of mind. Business rules are very stable and give you maximum control over decisions within the organizations. Even when processes change, applications built using the USoft will continue to work flawlessly.

Manageable in maintenance and costs

With the low-code fundamentals of the USoft platform, which we have been at the forefront of for over thirty years, the maintainability of the software is easier. In addition to speeding up the development process, the USoft platform is characterized by very low maintenance costs for people and resources.

What our customers say

Léon Walenbergh - Management Farminform

“We fully rely on the relationship with USoft.”

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Rules Engine as a single point of definition

In the USoft platform, and with natural language as a starting point, the business rules and data model are stored in the Rules Engine before being translated into working software. Through this centralized storage of the data model and the business rules and their implementations, the USoft platform ensures easy and consistent traceability, allowing for quick and easy modifications while maintaining a guaranteed back-end stability.

Generated graphic UI

Development of the user interfaces follows after the application’s core has been built. This gives you more flexibility with what you want to achieve with the GUIs, while the core functions of the software remain stable and intact. The interfaces are automatically generated and can always be adapted to the needs of the end-user.

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