Rapidly develop powerful business applications in low-code using the USoft platform. Discover the ease of maintenance and flexibility in further development.

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The USoft platform is the best answer to how to build innovative software for business-critical and complex applications that exactly fit the needs of your organization. This is the result of the powerful combination of data and business rules. It further streamlines the development of applications. This makes room for new business opportunities, whether it concerns the development of new applications or the rebuilding of existing software to which you add exactly what is needed. To do this, we use our unique model-driven approach in combination with the power of business rules. The result is consistency from start to finish.

First, the foundation in low-code, then the interfaces

With USoft, the world of software development is literally upside down. We don’t start with the user interfaces, but with the foundation in low-code to create a robust framework in which the data model and business rules are combined. This multi-tier approach with separate layers combined in one platform results in a superb “separation of concerns.” After the application core, the interfaces follow. Therefore, with the USoft platform, you can continue to build your business for many years, knowing you have unbeatable stability and maintainability of your software.

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Low-code is the new “normal” in software. With our bottom-up approach, USoft uses low-code to provide a rock-solid foundation for your application. This results in optimal flexibility in the development of user interfaces and interaction with other systems.

Business rules

The USoft platform is based on business rules. These are more stable and unambiguous compared to processes, and they give you maximum control over decisions in your organization. Even when processes change, the software remains intact.


Because of the low-code modeling, the maintenance of your software is far more manageable. In addition to accelerating development, USoft is characterized by very low maintenance costs for software development, ongoing maintenance and infrastructure.

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USoft low-code model driven

Model-driven: back-end first

The development of business applications for essential processes requires a solid foundation. That is why we always start by building the model-driven back-end, upon which the business rules run. Based on this foundation, the interfaces for the end-user are generated by the platform itself, or through interfaces with other applications in the organization. This bottom-up approach ensures you can seamlessly continue the development of extensions using the solid foundation provided by the USoft platform.

Rules Engine as a single point of definition

The business rules in the USoft platform are stored in the Rules Engine with natural language as a starting point. They are then translated into an implementation of the business rule in the Rules Engine. Because the natural language rules are fixed in the same environment as the business rules, you can easily create cross-sections, while the rules and data models remain easily traceable. This makes it a strong single point of definition. Moreover, the components and business rules are easy to expand without having to change anything in the back-end.

USoft low-code platform feature single point of definition
USoft low-code platform feature integrated authorization

Integrated authorization

As part of the Rules Engine in the USoft platform, integrated authorization ensures sophisticated data security. Between the business rules layer and the database, a special authorization layer always checks whether a user or interface has the sufficient rights to perform an activity.

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Low-code and business rules are the heart of the platform

With low-code and business rules, you develop business applications with minimal code. This leads to many advantages, such as the quick creation of prototypes to try out new ideas, shortened time-to-market, significantly lower development costs and applications that are easier to maintain. Low-code software development is a proven approach to coping with the increasing importance of flexible and fast IT solutions. For that reason, USoft remains dedicated to low-code with an emphasis on a stable back-end for more than thirty years.
Because we first focus on the data model and business rules before moving on to the user interfaces, the back-end is both more stable and offers more flexibility. These rules are stored in a Rules Engine. This is the backbone of the USoft platform. We first focus on the data model and business rules, then afterward build the user interfaces and the back-end, which are more flexible and stable. This leads to greater efficiency, productivity and better collaboration between business and IT.

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Generated graphic UI

Once the foundation of the platform has been built, the user interfaces follow. This provides maximum flexibility in what your organization wants to achieve with GUIs, while the operation of the foundation remains stable and incorruptible. The screens are automatically generated by the platform and can be customized to meet the needs of the end-user. Among other things, this enables you to test prototypes quickly. The focus is always on flexibility and scalability.

USoft low-code feature GUI
USoft low-code feature connectivity


The USoft platform is all about connecting. With open connectivity as the uncompromising starting point, your back-end and front-end always connect accurately. Moreover, you can add external data and embed external functionalities as part of the same solution.


The rollout of software with the USoft platform is based on continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). You declare the release of your application, after which you continue to build on this release baseline. Then, the deployment function helps to bring the new releases to a target machine. In addition, the CI/CD component of USoft can be combined with customer deployment environments, such as Jenkins.

USoft low-code feature CICD