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Agilysys ResortSuite

A USoft-based ISV specialized in full-fledged integrated hospitality management software for hotels, resorts and spas.

Success story hotelmanagement software ResortSuite

From its initial launch, ResortSuite addressed a major gap in the market, with its extensive suite of hospitality software built on the USoft low-code platform based on business rules. From small hotels with a restaurant to major resorts with wellness facilities that provide ski passes, golf courses and more, ResortSuite clients can offer their guests fully personalized experiences while relying on streamlined back-end processes.

The challenge

A family-owned resort in Canada was looking for an integrated software package that supported all its activities, but the software they needed simply didn’t exist. Inspired by the potential opportunity, a small team led by Frank Pitsikalis set out to build a complete software suite with Hotel & Resort Management functionality from scratch – within a year.

Successful organizational adaptation

Small team

Small-scale startup seeking low-code development platform

  • Responding to market demand, ResortSuite wanted to develop new software that could be expanded and adapted over time based on client needs.
  • The ResortSuite team needed a platform that would allow them to develop full functionality for the hospitality management sector without needing a much larger team.


Streamlined core processes with personalized guest experience

  • The software suite had to support and streamline a wide range of hotel and resort management services.
  • ResortSuite clients needed to provide their guests with a fully personalized experience without unnecessary back-end visibility.

Agilysys low code
Adaptability and transformation


Able to evolve in response to new requirements and technologies

  • ResortSuite needed an adaptable technology platform that could incorporate new technologies as they emerged.
  • The new solution also had to enable ResortSuite to evolve along with new demands in the market – responding more quickly than its competitors.

Why ResortSuite chose USoft

“The software with a business rules approach that we built with USoft doesn’t automate the how, but the what. What needs to be done and what should that action result in? As an entrepreneur, I would much rather spend more money on a flexible, future-proof development platform than on a large development team.”

Frank Pitsikalis

Founder and CEO of Agilysys ResortSuite

The solution

ResortSuite built its entire software suite on the USoft low-code platform. Based on a business rules approach, the software supports a comprehensive range of hotel and resort management services, while streamlining the core business processes. The open system also allows clients to seamlessly integrate ResortSuite modules with other software.

Guest experience

Less complexity for a better experience

The ResortSuite software allows hotels and resorts to build a 360-degree customer view, enabling them to fully personalize the guest experience at the front end, while the processes are completely streamlined at the back-end.

Easy integration with other software

Based on USoft’s business rules approach, the open system allows clients to seamlessly integrate ResortSuite modules with other software, adding significant efficiency benefits for hospitality operations.

Integration with other software
Agilysys - ResortSuite - applications

Client-based configuration

With USoft as the underlying structure behind ResortSuite, hotel and resort clients can easily use business rules to configure the software themselves, personalizing how ResortSuite works for each of their clients.

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The results

Success Story - ResortSuite - Low-code - USoft - Cover - EN

Whitepaper about this solution

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

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