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Discover the leading low-code platform for core business software. Accelerate innovation and rapidly deliver solutions, with superior adaptability for future developments and ease of maintenance. Delivering your organization an unprecedented software life-span.

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‘The USoft rules engine handles the heavy lifting. As a developer, once you become familiar with it, your productivity gets a big boost.’

Dennis Koopman
Developer at fizor.

‘With USoft tools, implementing and maintaining business rules is easy and straightforward, significantly reducing time to market.’

Albert Masedo
Lead Engineer Process Automation at Schiphol

‘Within the low-code domain, USoft excels by taking business rules as its core. USoft brings the business world and IT close together in an integral way. This way you get applications that really connect with the business.’

Pascal van der Reijden
Developer at PragmatiQ

Business rules

Develop solutions 10x faster

Low-code development is a visual & model-driven approach to creating software. This enables rapid application development and allows developers and non-developers to jointly and interactively work together.

Low-code technology minimizes the need to write code, taking away many of the cumbersome and manual activities required in traditional development. Time is freed up because you are relieved of boring and repetitive programming tasks. This gives a boost to your productivity. Moreover, coding is still possible, but only when it is necessary due to performance or complexity.

Speed of development is just one of the advantages. Read more about the platform’s key features here.

Unique business rules approach

With Studio, you capture and manage your business rules and business processes in a comprehensive and efficient way. This creates a strong baseline for efficient software development, with minimum risk of rework. Studio uses industry standards for process & business modeling (e.g. BPMN), and business rules and requirements management (SBVR). This supports your business in creating a detailed and clear overview for each application. Always from the perspective of your business, not technology, and strongly grounded in natural language and easy-to-understand diagrams. 

In the background, Studio automatically analyzes and structures content, across your processes and business rules. This helps you to identify potential things you have missed in capturing your processes and rules and ensure quality in real-time. 

The content in Studio is directly linked to how this is implemented in the software in the App Factory. Resulting in strong traceability and ease of maintenance 


USoft platform 2

Build, maintain and evolve core applications easier than ever before

Our App Factory provides the integrated environment you need to cover all aspects for controlled and fully transparent software development. Including CI/CD functionality that supports multi-platform deployment and can integrate with your organization-specific deployment pipeline. 

Every core system begins with a strong foundation. This is why USoft applies a unique model-driven approach that starts with creating this core: your data model and business rulesAnd then we move to user interfaces and connectivity. This multi-tier approach provides an efficient “separation of concerns”. At the same time, USoft is largely self-documentingautomatically linking your implementations for unprecedented traceability. This results in very robust and easy-to-maintain solutions, as each part of your application can be developed, changed, and maintained separately.

Our Support staff is here for your daily help. We are also very proud of our vibrant community. Here you will find everything you need as a developer. So you are never alone!

USoft Studio

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Learn more about how Studio can transform your business rules and process management.

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