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Legacy modernization

Improve your business resilience and data quality. Modernize your legacy software.

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Fine wines age well over time. What about legacy applications? You may recognize the challenges. Tinkering with rigid and complex systems, critical to your business. Or accept them as barriers to innovation. Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to transform your legacy software with USoft.

Resolve the legacy headache

Transform your legacy applications with the USoft low-code platform. A unique incremental approach to unravel legacy software, wraps or rebuilds them to be resilient and future proof. Without disrupting your business operations.
Legacy Upgrade - Replace - Improve

2 ways to modernize your legacy

Wrap: Upgrade legacy capabilities
  • Extend & enhance capabilities of existing core systems for improved flexibility and user experience.
  • Focus on what your business needs with zero disruptions.
Rebuild: Replace & Improve legacy systems
  • Completely transform legacy systems and landscapes – make them future proof.
  • Enhance and extend functionalities that deliver modern solutions with more business value.

Simple & straigthforward

  • A proven pipeline for an efficient and high quality process.
  • Our Simplifier, designed for code analysis, cleans and unravels legacy applications to extract an unprecedented amount of application and business logic. This information is than converted to a USoft low-code solution.
  • Benefit from the stregnths of low-code. Transform your legacy software to flexible and easy to maintain solutions that focus on what your business needs.
Legacy modernization pipeline
Simplifier USoft low-code platform

Fit for purpose

  • Legacy systems come in all forms and sizes.
  • Our modernization approach is designed to support an effective process, with a focus on business value and agility. Large projects are also more easily tackled with an incremental approach, reducing the risks.
  • Our Simplifier also covers variety of code bases, like Cobol, RPG, Oracle, Uniface, C# and Java.

Unprecedented business benefits

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Start modernizing your legacy today!

Do you have applications with crucial business knowledge locked-in, are expensive to maintain and an obstacle in the way of some business innovations?

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The results

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Legacy modernization with USoft

Learn more about how you can transform legacy applications and secure being future proof.

Download Factsheet Legacy Modernization 

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    ‘With USoft we make an important move towards a flexible and manageable solution for custom backend systems.’

    Jurre Mulder
    CDO – Intergamma

    ‘By using business rules, we give customers more say and control over their own software.’

    Kees Rooijers

    ‘Farminform is rated solely on the quality it provides. USoft provides the technological support we can fully rely on.’

    Leon Wahlenberg

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