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Master your complexity with the leading low-code platform for unique core operations 

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Everyone is working on digital transformation these days – including your competitors. This requires agility and control over everything you do, with software that clears the path for digital acceleration. Innovate fast and adapt to the needs of the market with the most powerful low-code platform for your business-critical operations.

Unprecedented business benefits

USoft is designed for core operations: mission-critical, complex, and unique processes. It is the superior choice for e.g. custom ERP or core systems, legacy replacement, and company-wide process orchestration.

  • Develop solutions 10x faster

    Low-code development is much faster and easier than traditional high-code. Accelerate your transformation and shorten your time to market.

  • Become more adaptive

    Enjoy unprecedented ease of maintenance and adaptability. Synchronize solutions with your business needs and adjust on the fly. Say goodbye to static processes and technical debt.

  • Lower your TCO with >40%

    Realize a significant TCO reduction compared to other solutions, starting at +40%. Deliver solutions that last generations and stay up-to-date.

  • Align business with IT

    Bridge the gap between business and IT. Work together on solutions with 100% business focus and in natural language. Increase engagement and unify business and technology skill sets.

Designed for core operations

  • Thrives in complex situations

    USoft easily facilitates your complex and customized processes. To keep the basics simple, USoft is unique in using business rules and is built for versatility

  • Fits in anywhere and anytime

    Ensure a seamless fit with your existing IT landscape. Create core applications (full stack) to drive core business processes, or microservices (MACH) to boost existing IT.

  • Is always-on

    With strong performance and stability, USoft is highly reliable. Our customers have been using their applications for years without interruption.

  • Keeps your data secure

    Safeguard your most valuable assets. Improve your data quality and consistency with +50%. USoft provides a protective layer, always safeguarding your data.

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Innovate fast and adapt to the needs of the market with the most powerful low-code platform.

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Legacy Modernization

Make your core business applications resilient and future proof

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