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Low-code application development

Software development as an accelerator for improvement & innovation.

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Organizations experience a constant push to quickly adapt to market developments. At the same time, they are increasingly challenged by resource limitations and the need to deliver new solutions and innovation in rapid pace. It's time to rethink how we approach software development. Low-code technology helps you to shorten your time to market, make you more agile and save time and money.

Low-code: the driving force for digital transformation

Traditional software development is time consuming, skill specific and expensive. Low-code technology helps you radically streamline this process: reducing your time to market, boosting productivity and reducing costs.
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Low-code in a nutshell

Low-code development is a visual & model driven approach to creating software. This enables rapid application development and allows developers and non-developers to jointly and interactively work together.

Low-code technology minimizes the need to write code, taking away many of the cumbersome and manual activities required in traditional development.

With a low-code approach you boost productivity, introduce non-IT people into the process to improve effectiveness and alignment and substantially reduce costs.

The key value of low-code

Do you want to create software at a much lower cost, and do it substantially faster? Then low-code is a no-brainer.

  • Improved business agility & business user focus
  • Development speed
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Strong ease of use, flexibility & maintainability
  • Decreased costs
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The growing impact of low-code

Gartner research predicts that by 2025, 70% of new applications that are developed by organizations will use low-code technologies.

IDC expects that the number of application to be developed will be up to 5 times higher than what the workforce can deliver. And that’s without the need to maintain and update existing applications. Low-code delivers an invaluable productivity boost to navigate this challenge.

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    ‘You need people who understand what an efficient and effective process looks like and who are prepared to take a step back first. In USoft, we have found such a partner.’

    Garbis van Okburcht

    ‘Without the nuts and bolts provided by USoft, we would never have been able to develop and maintain so much functionality with such a small team.’

    Frank Pitsikalis

    ‘Adapting software is much easier when working with business rules, because they are written in natural language.’

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