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Schiphol Airport

How airport-wide integrated process orchestration and decision automation reduce disruption.

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Schiphol is one of the global leaders in digital airport operations. Concurrent unique processes, instant insight and complex decisions based on real-time data are key to drive airport efficiency and passenger experience. Schiphol selected USoft as its intelligent process orchestration platform to quickly build flexible solutions that are robust, secure, and available 24x7.

The challenge

Integrated and intelligent airport operations – how to use technology and intelligent orchestration to optimize airport infrastructure utilization, operational processes, and passenger experience?

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Digital airport

Schiphol aims to maintain its position as a global leader in high-efficiency digital airport operations

  • At a digital airport, IT and data are at the heart of each primary process, providing vital control for integrated airport operations and flight handling.
  • Key objectives for digitization are:
    • To guide passengers through the airport as efficiently and comfortably as possible.
    • And to optimize ongoing logistical processes for flight, baggage and cargo handling.

Many unique processes

Schiphol operates many unique processes that require instant insight and complex decisions – all based on real-time data

  • Day-to-day airport operations involve a constant flow of very different and complex decisions, including aircraft stand allocation, mishandled baggage and dynamic retail opening times.
  • These decisions need to be taken 24×7, in a robust and secure manner. Parameters for these decisions are based on many different variables and are affected by rules that change over time and are context sensitive.
  • This incredibly challenging environment at an autonomous, event-driven airport involves a high volume of data. The data flows continuously through interconnected business processes and requires appropriate action to streamline process efficiency and passenger experience.

Scalable, robust and secure platform

Schiphol needs a scalable, robust and secure technological foundation for intelligent process automation

  • The scalable integration platforms serve as ‘enabling technology’ for the business to develop and deploy all the applications they need to digitize key business processes.
  • An autonomous and event-driven airport where standard processes can take place without human intervention is made possible through business rules and complex event processing.

Why Schiphol chose USoft

“In USoft, we found a partner who contributes to our business and processes; who understand what an efficient and effective process looks like and who are prepared to take a step back first.”

Garbis van Okburcht

Senior Manager Enabling Technology at Schiphol Airport

The solution

Schiphol runs over 15 microservices for a range of different airport processes on the USoft platform. This results in an intelligent orchestration capability that enables Schiphol to rapidly and flexibly digitize specific business processes as well as cross-functional dependencies.

Schiphol Aircraft allocation

Intelligent process orchestration (IPO)

Intelligent process orchestration enables Schiphol to streamline ongoing airport operations, reduce disruptions, and improve decision-making by automating complex, data-driven processes.

Overall improvement in efficiency and responsiveness

USoft has enabled Schiphol to improve operations efficiency, boost airport infrastructure utilization and respond more quickly to key business events and changing business needs.

Baggage - Container Loading System
Schiphol Airport Shopping

Examples of microservices at Schiphol

  • Aircraft stand allocation
    An application that shows the real-time operational availability of aircraft stand allocations based on many different inputs from e.g. assets and other systems.
  • Mishandled Baggage
    An application for baggage handlers that predicts the likely whereabouts and route-cause of lost baggage items.
  • Dynamic Opening Times
    An application that calculates until what time the duty-free shops at Schiphol can best remain open.
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The results

Success Story - Schiphol Airport - integration success with USoft - Cover - EN

Succes story: Schiphol Airport

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

Download the story

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