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Here you will find a variety of blogs and news-items about our software solutions and services in the field of low-code development, business rules management, decision support software and privacy management tooling.
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How putting your business rules first unlocks the true potential of digital transformation

Understanding your business in a compact and portable way.

October 2023
streamline processes with low-code

4 Common challenges Uniface users face

How modernization helps accelerate your organization

April 2024
OAZ - no time-consuming code changes

OpenEHR and low-code: an emerging revolution in healthcare

Quickly embracing the OpenEHR standard is now possible, with low-code.

January 2024
State of Florida Department of Health

Sneak preview: USoft 11

It’s coming soon, packed with intriguing new features and improvements!

January 2024
USoft 11

How your logistics IT infrastructure can become ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Building a custom solution is the best way to meet exact requirements,…

January 2024
warehouse proces

How low-code can accelerate technological innovation in logistics

Why you should consider the use of low-code for a future-proof ERP,…

January 2024
ERP improves buisiness

How to manage your business rules and ensure they’re universally implemented

Abandoning the obsession with processes

October 2023
Business rules instead of processes

The solution to bridge the gap between business and IT

Management tools - The solution to bridge the gap between business and…

September 2023
bridge IT business

Business rules and business processes: tomayto, tomahto or more?

Aligning business rules and processes is crucial in successfully incorporating big data…

September 2023

Need more time for innovation? Choose low-code with the power of business rules

Need more time for innovation? Choose low-code in combination with the power…

September 2023

IT risks in manufacturing: How modernizing legacy software contributes to innovation

Delaying will lead to missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and reduced competitiveness.

August 2023
ASML Cleanroom

Industry 4.0: How low-code for core software is revolutionizing manufacturing

Drive efficiency gains, and stay competitive in the digital era.

August 2023
Factory - Production hall

How low-code can help the manufacturing industry with its legacy constraints.

A low-code shell can interoperate with existing legacy IT.

August 2023
Manufacturing software

This is how to improve business processes with your IT-landscape

Business processes have become complicated. How can you continue to manage them?

August 2023
IT orchestration

How to prevent legacy systems from leading to standstill?

Turn IT application barriers into opportunities

April 2023
case management is about people