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We are working or have worked for a large number of clients. You can select the clients on sector and solutions.
For several clients you can find client cases where we have discribed the challenges, the solutions and the results. Just click on "Read case" and learn about what can be achieved with low-code development!
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Airport - Schiphol traveler


Custom MES solution for the manufacturing of high-quality x-ray grids and medical equipment license management.

Philips Healthcare - Azurion
ASML Cleanroom
Intergamma DIY hardware franchise-organization
Eurocontrol office
NS Dutch Railway company


USoft Solvinx, privacy and security management SaaS for GDPR and industry-specific regulatory compliance management.


Ensuring demonstrable control for privacy and industry-specific regulations, with USoft Solvinx compliance management SaaS.



Information services on quality, stock, and assortment control in pharmaceutical wholesale and for pharmacies, hospitals, and patients.



Fully fledged solutions for large-scale phenotyping and quality control processes in the agrochemical sector.



Integrated near real-time asset and contract management portal for customers and Bredenoord operations management.

Bredenoord energy services


Bring developed a Control Tower that unifies the Transport Management Systems of their business units. This creates a better understanding of the various transports.

Bring low code control tower

USoft works in these sectors

  • Public Sector

    Digitization is making the public sector more user centric, efficient, and transparent. Still, there is much to gain. What is your ambition?
    More on this sector
  • Financial Services

    Few sectors are transformed more by digital transformation and legislation than financial services. And the need to push onwards is growing by the day. Add to this the many legacy systems still in use, and the case for USoft is obvious.
    More on this sector
  • Digital Services

    Digital services are booming. There are apps for anything, and platforms are impressive 'out-of-the-box'. As a provider, would you rather develop user functionality, or platform basics and security?
    More on this sector
    Digital services
  • Life Sciences

    Digitization of life sciences labs and production facilities is evolving quickly. The bar on automation, analytics, security and compliance is going up all the time. What if your software would grow along with it, and never be outdated?
    More on this sector
    Life sciences - lab
  • Manufacturing

    Industry4.0 is in full swing: manufacturing organizations become more and more digital. Benefits include productivity, speed-to-market, and many more. You can't afford to stay behind, but what if your process is unique, or standard software prohibitively expensive?
    More on this sector
    Bakery software
  • Logistics

    Logistics organizations operate in a turbulent environment. Supply chains bottlenecks, resource limitations, volatile rates and growth, and the accelerating need for sustainability are all real challenges. Can your current software match this pace of change?
    More on this sector
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