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Customer portal and case management solution for time savings and risk reduction in the execution of social security schemes.


OAZ, knowledge partner in the HR sector, is dedicated to making life easier for organizations in applying for subsidies, saving costs and managing the financial risks that are part and parcel of having employees. The new customer portal and case management solution based on USoft’s low-code platform sets the stage for next steps in adding more services and expanding functionality for OAZ customers and its HR specialists. OAZ now has the flexible solution it needs to continuously optimize its digital transformation.

The challenge

OAZ provides tailor-made advice on and support for businesses in applying for subsidies and managing financial risks related to HR. Although OAZ is continuing to automate its service processes, this digital transformation was difficult to streamline. As everyone in HR knows, social security involves a highly complex web of laws and regulations that require customized implementation.

low-code development

Accelerated digitization

Ongoing automation of services

  • OAZ was looking for an innovative platform to support ongoing digitization of their existing services and for continued development of the new customer portal and services.
  • Finding faster ways to process social security schemes while reducing errors was absolutely crucial.

Complex processes

Capability to handle highly complex social security processes

  • OAZ had decided it was time to harness the portal’s potential for highly complex social security schemes.
  • Each individual employee case involves so much customization that standard processes are virtually non-existent.


Complex processes
laws and regulations


The ability to adapt quickly to changing laws and regulations

  • The company implements schemes for clients that collectively employ hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Implementation of new and complex laws and regulations at that scale requires incredible efficiency and maximum automation.

Why OAZ chose USoft

“We’ll be able to specify changes to business rules ourselves in USoft, which USoft will then implement. It’s a great way of collaborating, without the need for time-consuming code changes. Everything from A to Z will be automated and supported by workflows. That’s going to save both us and our customers a huge amount of time.”

Gerard Helming

Director at OAZ

The solution

OAZ - success story

MijnOAZ 2.0

The new customer portal expanded functionality and significantly improved the user interaction for OAZ customers and its HR specialists, while allowing room for future development and optimization.

Automated workflows

Various HR processes related to employee absence and disability benefits are now automated and supported by workflows and progress control data. This increases accuracy and supports OAZ employees in monitoring high volumes of data much more efficiently.

OAZ - no time-consuming code changes
low-code development

Ongoing automation of services

OAZ specialists work closely with developers, sharing their knowledge with information analysts who define the business rules, which are then translated into software. This results in an iterative process in which new solutions are created, tested and optimized in close collaboration between OAZ specialists and IT developers.

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The results

Success Story - OAZ - USoft - Cover - ENG

Whitepaper about OAZ

More details about the solution and an in-depth analysis of why this satisfied customer chose USoft.

Read the OAZ succes story

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