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Optimize your workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve your overall efficiency.

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Are you tired of managing cases or projects manually and struggling to keep up with the workload? With USoft case management you create a centralized solution to manage your cases, streamline your workflows, and enhance collaboration among your teams.

Integral & efficient case management

Advanced case management software enables you to keep track of case progress. It improves the efficiency of your process and collaboration and helps you to quickly adapt to new legislation and business needs.
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Advisory & case management in a nutshell

Case management software helps your organization to manage and track cases or projects. A case can refer to any type of process or workflow that requires specific steps to be taken in order to achieve a particular outcome. For example, managing legal cases, patient care, social work cases, and customer support tickets.

Case management software provides a centralized solution for managing your cases. Allowing your teams to access information, track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate. It may also include automation of workflows, generating reports, and analyzing case data.

Why you need advanced case management software?

With processes becoming more complicated, your organization needs a solution that actively supports the day-to-day work and provides insight into progress and results in real-time. Meanwhile recording all relevant information required to keep track of the case creation and history.

Your solution must be flexible and able to easily add new case types and quickly adapt to changes in regulations, business processes, and policies.

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Why choose the USoft Platform

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  • What clients tell us

    ‘USoft is a proactive and flexible partner. They consider quality and customer satisfaction of paramount importance.’

    Richard Mulder
    Delivery Manager, Dienst ICT Uitvoering (DICTU)

    ‘Soon,everything from A to Z will be automated and supported by workflows.That’s certainly going to save both us and our customers a huge amount of time.’

    Gerard Helming
    Director, OAZ

    ‘We ensure that the business generates business value much more quickly. USoft plays a key role in this.’

    Garbis van Okburcht
    Senior Manager Enabling Technologies, Schiphol Airport

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