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Use cases

Overview on use cases where applications and systems were developed to specific requirements and features.

Factory - Production hall

Overview of use cases from software applications that help companies manage their complex technical operations.

Use cases
  • Intelligent process orchestration

    Your processes and systems serve a specific purpose. Everything working in concert is what makes your business. Why not connect everything and make sure all your processes work seamlessly together to boost performance and efficiency?
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    ongoing automation of services
  • Low-code application development

    Traditional software development is time consuming, skill specific and expensive. Low-code technology helps you radically streamline this process: reducing your time to market, boosting productivity and reducing costs.
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    ongoing automation of services
  • Legacy modernization

    Transform your legacy applications with the USoft low-code platform. A unique incremental approach to unravel legacy software, wraps or rebuilds them to be resilient and future proof. Without disrupting your business operations.
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    USoft - Puzzle
  • Case management

    Are you tired of managing cases or projects manually and struggling to keep up with the workload? With USoft case management you create a centralized solution to manage your cases, streamline your workflows, and enhance collaboration among your teams.
    More on this solutioncase management is about people
  • Studio Business Rules Management

    Over 30% of projects fail. More than 40% exceed budget. And almost 50% are delivered late. The cause always seems to boil down to the same thing - unclear, inconsistent and ambiguous business needs and requirements. Get your projects right, in time, and fully aligned with business expectations with USoft Studio.
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  • ERP and ERP extension

    Do you want to implement a smooth and transparent flow throughout your organization? Or is your ERP in need of a replacement? Make sure your ERP is catered for the specific requirements that are key to your business.
    More on this solutionIntegration with other software
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

    Are you selling complex, configurable products? Or do you have an advanced pricing strategy with smart discount rules? Effective CPQ solutions with USoft will help you boost your sales performance and reliability for complex product configurations and quotations.
    More on this solutioneffective CPQ solution
  • Solvinx Privacy & Security management

    Data privacy, data protection and risk management are at the forefront of social debate and a key management priority. Being compliant with privacy, security and industry-specific regulations is key to safeguard your customer data, the integrity of your operations and your reputation.
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