Solvinx Privacy & Security management

Assure integral control and transparency for GDPR and security management.


Data privacy, data protection and risk management are at the forefront of social debate and a key management priority. Being compliant with privacy, security and industry-specific regulations is key to safeguard your customer data, the integrity of your operations and your reputation.

Compliance management made easy

Solvinx is the fully-fledged and easy to use privacy & security management SaaS that delivers demonstrable control and full transparency for your GDPR, privacy and industry-specific regulatory compliance administration.

Privacy by design & Privacy by default

Designed for Privacy Officers, DPO’s and CISO’s, for large and small organizations. With a strong focus on ease-of-use for enhanced stakeholder alignment and engagement with business users.

With Solvinx, you safeguard a fully structured and transparent privacy management process, embedded througout your organization and with full business stakeholder engagement.

Fit to purpose & tailored to you

Solvinx provides a standardized structured framework and process to compliance management, combined with strong flexibility to ensure the best fit with your organization.
Just a few examples:

  • Fully customizable workflows & assessments
  • Customizable configuration of risks and mitigation measures
  • Extensive & automated progress control
  • Default & customizable reports and dashboards
  • and Multi-language support
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Optimal control & transparency

Benefit from clear dashboarding and seamless integation:

  • Use adjustable insights with SMART Dashboard and further optimize transparency and control.
  • Connect to any other application with SMART Connector and enable Single-Sign-On to streamline compliance processes in your daily operations.

Why USoft?

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Start today and make compliance management simple & transparent!

Does your organization consider privacy & security management as cumbersome and something for the experts? And do you want compliance management to become a true and simple business process?

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The results

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Solvinx Privacy & Security management

Learn more about how Solvinx can transform your privacy and security management practices.

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  • What clients tell us

    ‘With Solvinx we are demonstrably in control and can systematically improve the quality of our information provisioning.’

    Ted O. Mos
    Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid

    ‘By making our wishes explicit, we got what we needed: good insight into the status of privacy within WUR.’

    Koos Nijssen

    ‘From a legal/compliance perspective, the best feature of Solvinx surely is its capacity to demonstrate our organization’s compliance and efforts to become compliant’

    Jean-Paul Verboom

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